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  1. Your story was spot on. I'm sure in that situation the elder would have felt pressured to assist that pressing need at the time and probably compromise the church work as a result. I'm pretty sure some would say he's prioritizing people
    on the outside over the needs of the church as a whole. Lord help us.

  2. I have been a head deacon for nearly twenty years. I have been responsible for filling the baptistery for every baptism that takes place. this includes making certain the water is warm while filing it the night before. I make sure the baptistery was cleaned and the robes were chosen for the length that would fit the best. We have lighted doors that cover the baptistery that are moved out of the way for the baptismal service. I provide towels when those in the water are safely on the steps leading out of the baptistery into the next room. I make sure a microphone and a clean handkerchief is placed where the Pastor will speaking to those that are watching. Naturally the baptistery will need to be emptied. A switch and pump is part of the procedures, I have had things go wrong unexpectedly. I only mention all of this because many are not aware of a significant number of details that the church board and board of deacons are faced with. Humility should be a priority for all offices. It isn't how important I am, but how humble I need to be. God is first in all our activities.


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