Sunday: Evangelism Is . . . ?

We get a clear picture of what evangelism is as we review the activities of the first evangelists. Regardless of the major differences between their world and ours, both worlds were sinful, fallen, and in disrepair—thus in need of hope and salvation. More than a century ago, German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer somewhat exaggeratedly (he wasn’t known as “the philosopher of pessimism” for nothing) expressed the human condition like this: “no one has ever lived who has not more than once wished that he did not have to live through the following day.”—The World as Will and Idea, p. 204. Little has changed since the apostle’s time, Schopenhauer’s, or during ours. Thus, the main points of the first century evangelistic preaching also should be the main points of ours today.1

Read Acts 4:335:422:36–397:5613:48. What are some specific themes about which the disciples preached that should be included in today’s evangelistic presentations? 

To be an evangelist in any sense of the word, one must have personal understanding and experience of “the everlasting gospel.” It is this gospel that ultimately brings belief, confession, conversion, baptism and discipleship, and the promise of eternal life.

The Jewish leaders saw something in the boldness of the apostles that convinced them that the apostles had been with Jesus (see Acts 4:13). Most likely the leaders formed this conclusion because they were confronted with a group of men who seemed unable to talk about anything else but Jesus’ life and teachings. Evangelism and witnessing surely have to do with speaking about the life and teachings of Jesus, the difference those teachings and beliefs have made in the individual believer’s life, and the difference Jesus can make in anyone’s life if He is accepted as Lord and Savior.

It is important to view evangelism and witnessing as a continual process rather than as a single program or event. A vital part of the process is establishment and nurture. The word steadfastly in Acts 2:42 indicates a strong commitment by the new believers to an ongoing strategy for their spiritual nurture. Clearly, the early church saw evangelism as much more than just the preaching of a message. Their evangelistic process was not complete until people became disciples and had been thoroughly incorporated into the local group of believers.

Of all the gospel promises, which one offers you the most hope? How can you learn to cling to that promise and make it your own, no matter how difficult your circumstances?



Sunday: Evangelism Is . . . ? — 4 Comments

  1. "The goal is for us to use that knowledge for good, and in this context the greatest good is to give those who face eternal destruction the opportunity for eternal life" from the lesson introduction reminds me of my purpose. I wish for all my friends and family to be saved with me. I pray that God gives me the strength and power this quarter to evangelize those I know and love.

  2. Roxanne: I will be praying for God to give you all the knowledge, and wisdom that you need to get all the people, that you wish, or that you witness to. Please pray for me also.
    May God Bless you richly in your endeavors.
    Sincerely George H. Lynn

  3. We must always remember that human power even to the highest level of it is useless if not guided by the Holy Spirit. We cannot boast to ourselves that we are greater than others because we have great talent to be used on evangelizing and witnessing. Because evangelizing and witnessing is not a work of man alone, it is only the participation of man using His/Her talent given by God. God uses ordinary people. Ordinary people who are true to themselves, letting God direct their path, using their human power on glorifying God, recognizing their nothingness without God, and accepting the truth that they are sinful in nature that need the transforming power of God to cleanse their heart and minds so that they become worthy to be used by God.

  4. We must know that being a Christian is dying to self and once self is out of the picture effective witnessing and evangelism will be done. We need to pray daily for humility as once we are humble and not boastful with our talents and what we can do the Holy Spirit will have its own sweet way.

    Let's keep praying for each other that we be filled with the Holy Spirit and His power that effective witnessing can be done so as to hasten the coming of our Lord and savior.



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