Thursday: Free to Be a Slave

The Bible makes it clear that we were once slaves to sin, but through Christ we have been released (Rom. 6:6), set free (Gal. 5:1), delivered (1 Thess. 1:10), adopted (Rom. 8:15), and born again (1 Pet. 1:23).

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The effective worker for God is the one who has given the past to Him and has accepted His power to work in the present and the future. In other words, those who have been delivered by Christ are able to be His slaves. If we don’t understand this truth, it may seem strange that deliverance leads to slavery, but it is as true as the sayings, “To be spiritually filled we must continually empty ourselves,” and, “The way to victory is constant surrender.”

Read Philippians 1:1James 1:1, and 2 Peter 1:1. What did Paul, Timothy, James, and Simon Peter mean when they announced themselves the bondservants of God and Jesus Christ? How are we to understand these ideas for ourselves? 

Usually bondservants, or slaves, would be owned by, and compelled to work under, a master. To work for the Master in the Christian sense is a totally voluntary choice. God loves us too much to force our will. When Timothy, James, and Simon Peter used these words, they were indicating their entire identification with Christ and His cause. They were declaring their unreserved service to Him as their Lord. They were renouncing their self-importance so that others would focus only upon Jesus. In this picture of slavery we see dedicated followers pledging their loyalty and devotion through selfless service.

Read John 8:34–36. What do these verses tell us about slavery to sin and the way to freedom?  

Jesus’ hearers knew full well that slaves had no security. They could be sold at the whim of the master, while the son of the master was always secure in the household. Here Jesus uses the contemporary slave situation to impart a vital spiritual truth. If the Son of God makes you spiritually free from slavery to sin, you will be free indeed. It would be unusual for literal freed slaves to voluntarily place themselves back in bondage, but, spiritually, this is what happens when we are freed from the slavery to sin and become slaves of Christ(Romans 6:17-18). If we are free from the things that make us focus upon ourselves, we are free to consider others and what we have that can benefit them. Herein lies the key to a life of service.



Thursday: Free to Be a Slave — 8 Comments

  1. As an African American I can only associate negative with the word slave. You can put any kind of spin you want on it. Christ hated slavery ask the Egyptians. That's why He called me and you Friends. And what a Friend we Have.

    • In my opinion, the "slaves" back then were actually prisoners of war--they didn't have much choice.
      Today a lot of people are "SLAVES" by their own choice. They CHOOSE to be in bondage.

  2. Thats the way I Fell, sorry if it was a little hard to hear. As they say in court, Tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  3. As a human being, I can say that the thought of slavery to another human being is abhorrent. What the Author was getting across is being a slave for God. He is our Creator, gave us life and all enriching gifts to make us happy, keep us safe, and assures us of His love time and time again through the word and the Spirit.
    I too love that He has called us Friend; that's why He created us, and gave us rule over all the creatures of the Earth.

  4. A slave had not choice to do his will at any point of life. Thank God we are not living in an era where slavery is at least abolished by law. So many of us do not know what is real slavery. We read only in books. So we understand a slave just have to do 24 X 7 X 365 the desires of His master.
    We were in bondage to sin. Our loving Lord has redeemed us. Now we have become a voluntary slave to the love of Jesus to do His Will 24 X 7 X 365. "But thanks be to God, that you who were once slaves of sin have become obedient from the heart to the standard of teaching to which you were committed, and, having been set free from sin, have become slaves of righteousness." Romans 6:17,18. There ia a greater reward for doing this.
    "But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God, the fruit you get leads to sanctification and its end, eternal life." Romans 6:22. Vow! ETERNAL LIFE.

    • The irony of the whole thing is that when we are in sin we think we are free, I am grown is the mantra of the world. And in being "free" we are really slaves to sin (our behaviour, habits, lifestyle). Now when we accept Christ and follow in His steps we become free to sin and a "slave" to Him. Beloved we will always be a slave or "brainwashed" to something in this life. You choose. I choose to be a "slave" to Christ because he who He set free is free indeed. Funny how God works.


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