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  1. 1. The existence of such unsearchable truth reveals the Divinity of its Author and the vital importance of faith.

    2. Faith is a chosen response to the evidence of God's goodness, grace and exceeding great and precious promises. To become familiar with these evidences leads to a decision, faith being one of two possible responses.

    Works are what is accomplished through either faith or unbelief, being a result of either accepting "the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes" or the alternative works of the flesh which is weak and erring. The fruit of the Spirit produces works of righteousness in the daily life of the surrendered soul.

    The choice of faith remains ours to make, and will always involve taking up one's cross.

    3. The Law engraved upon the heart is from being "strengthened with might" by the Holy Spirit by which Christ Himself dwells in our heart by faith. He is the living law and works through the willing human agent. This is accomplished as described in Ps 1:1-3.

    When the Law is engraved upon the heart, every thought, word and action is inspired by and in harmony with it.


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