Friday: Further Study: Discipling the Powerful

Further Study: Read Ellen G. White, The Centurion, pp. 315-318; Before Annas and the Court of Caiaphas, pp. 698-715; In Pilate’s Judgment Hall, pp. 723-740, in The Desire of Ages; Ministry to the Rich, pp. 209-216, in The Ministry of Healing; Almost Thou Persuadest Me, pp. 433-438, in The Acts of the Apostles.studymore

“It is by no casual, accidental touch that wealthy, world-loving, world-worshiping souls can be drawn to Christ. These persons are often the most difficult of access. Personal effort must be put forth for them by men and women imbued with the missionary spirit, those who will not fail or be discouraged.

Some are especially fitted to work for the higher classes.-Ellen G. White, The Ministry of Healing, p. 213.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Whenever Jesus witnessed to powerful people, others noticed. Some were in powerful positions, others not. Like Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, many among the educated priestly class came to faith gradually. Some bystanders who witnessed Christ’s confrontations with religious leaders likewise believed. Volcanic turbulence usually lies hidden beneath the mountain’s crust. Visually gauging intensity is impossible. Accurately measuring activity requires special instruments. Similarly, the explosive potential of Jesus’ movement remained hidden during His earthly ministry. Following His resurrection, however, the kingdom erupted, evidenced by massive conversions, even among those in influential positions. The faithful planting was finally yielding its abundant harvest. What should these facts tell us about how important it is that we not get discouraged when our witness doesn’t appear as effective as we would like it to be, especially among the powerful elite?
  2. Ellen G. White wrote in the statement above that some were especially fitted for the work of reaching the powerful. What might some of those qualifications be? At the same time, why must we be careful to not limit those who we might think are not qualified?


Friday: Further Study: Discipling the Powerful — 3 Comments

  1. Our God Has a thousand and one ways of working out things which we don't know even one.If the missionaries of hope can but remain faithful to Him,He will open so many doors which are now shut and the ministry to the powerful will triumph with success.

  2. Yes we have seen the light. We have the knowledge of the words of God. We know the gospel of Jesus Christ. But do we have also the love of Christ? Is our objectives and motives same as His? Are we filled with the Holy spirit? Are we ready to be be rejected, ridiculed and persecuted? Can our passion for the gospel overcome our fear of rejection? Can our passion for the risen King propel us to preach Christ even when our lives are in line? May the Lord give us strength and fill us with His spirit to do His work

  3. Some people who are rich believed by doing good Jesus will grant them a place in heaven. So the do not have to accept Jesus, just "do good".
    Many who are rich find a cushion in their riches. The will most likely listen to those on the upper scale in society than others. We have to keep sharing Jesus and not be discouraged.


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