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Friday: Further Thought – The Divinity of the Holy Spirit — 8 Comments

  1. Today I'll leave a special message for 2 friends. They do not know each other. But they were challenged to stop by and read this.

    Really, this world may be at its end time! Things are going crazy on politics, companies, countries, around the globe! It is not only a catastrophic vision, it's reality! It's here, and surrounding us all! But on the other side to this relies the Hope that evelasting peace will soon be installed! And part of this peace we have in our reach today, it was left for us as a gift, for us to resist this crazy times that we're all in. This peace, left by the Man who was God, is a Spirit, a Spirit that comes to all of those longing for peace! And love! Let us, you and me, Norma and Rudimar, take that peace to others! Because we do have this Power! It's a matter of accepting Him.

    I love you!

    May your day be powerful as your bodies are, great instruments to be used by the Spirit of peace and love.

    Norma, may Jesus guide you in your engagements!
    Rudimar, may you find peace and continuos creative blessings with your work!

  2. Thank you Brother Greene, very well placed and insightful presentation for further study today. I especially embrace the quote "It includes reliance on and confidence in the saving work of God as it is commissioned by the Father and accomplished through the Son in the power of the Spirit. “ May we all contemplate and take heed to these words. God bless.

  3. Yes silence is golden and there is lots of silence in scripture about the Holy Spirit. My thought is just, I wonder what part the Holy Spirit will continue playing once we are in Heaven. I would love ❤️ to see what his plans and duty will be then.

  4. When one has had an encouter with the holy spirit,the thoughts and talk will be different. It would be very diffult or impossible to make one who has had a real encouter with God as the holy spirit to doubt his presence/power. May we experience him individually. Be blest.

  5. The comment "it is not essential for us to define just what the Holy Spirit is." EGW,AA pp151,152. This is interesting considering that early SDA pioneers struggled with the same changes in understanding, beginning with James White as late as 1891, and continued with and included Ellen White and three other leaders of denominational policy. A.T.Jones, W.W. Prescott, & F.M.Wilcox through 1931.Each had a different understanding. The current SDA fundamental beliefs state that the Holy Spirit is a person not an impersonal force. As long as the Holy Spirit is a person, He must be one of three included in the Triune. What ever applications we make to God, must include all three.

  6. Ellen White changed her references of the Holy Spirit from It, to He. I have also asked the reason for either designation. I would think perhaps it has to do with our respect and reverence for the deity. "It", could apply to any number of inanimate things.

  7. The holy spirit is our teacher our guider light or round around imean behind backwards forward and or sides so let's open our hearts to welcome the holyspirit since it is invisible but affects.

  8. What is lost without the Divinity of the Holy Spirit is the Righteousness of Christ and the Love of God in our lives and our connection with Divinity.


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