Further Study: A Love Response

Keeping on Track

Just as any good motor vehicle will ultimately break down as a result of a lack of regular maintenance, so many good and worthwhile church ministries have fallen by the wayside because of a lack of regular intentional maintenance.

To keep your ministry healthy and on track, consider the following maintenance check list:

  1. Maintain your personal connection. Remind yourself often that you are in a partnership ministry with the Lord.
  2. Maintain your personal vision. Do you still sense the importance of your ministry? Are your goals as clear and as strong as they were when you became involved in this ministry?
  3. Maintain your communication. Regular reporting is important to continued support. People are busy, and they need to be reminded of how this ministry is going and also of how they can become involved.
  4. Maintain your enthusiasm. It is a true saying that “Nothing breeds enthusiasm like enthusiasm.” Show your continued excitement about your ministry, and others will become excited too.
  5. Maintain your focus. Don’t get sidetracked with other duties or programs that will prevent you from spending the time and energy that your current ministry needs to survive and grow.

Discussion Questions:

 1  In class, go over your answer to Tuesday’s final question.  

2  What insights does the following quotation give into the relationship between love for God and service for Him? “The watchful Christian is a working Christian, seeking zealously to do all in his power for the advancement of the gospel. As love for his Redeemer increases, so also does love for his fellow men.”—Ellen G. White, The Acts of the Apostles, p. 261.  

3  “Those who have never experienced the tender, winning love of Christ cannot lead others to the fountain of life. His love in the heart is a constraining power, which leads men to reveal Him in the conversation, in the tender, pitiful spirit, in the uplifting of the lives of those with whom they associate. Christian workers who succeed in their efforts must know Christ; and in order to know Him, they must know His love.”—Ellen G. White, The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 550, 551. In class, share your own personal experiences of God’s love and how you have come to know it for yourself.



Further Study: A Love Response — 1 Comment

  1. For sure I have seen God's hand work out. My dad lost his job and he stayed home for 5 months but after a session of prayer he got a good paying job and I believe it is God's love that has made him stand up to now.


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