Further Study: Love and Judgment

Compare the following two quotations with the messages presented in Hosea 7-14 .future_study

“Through nature, through types and symbols, through patriarchs and prophets, God had spoken to the world. Lessons must be given to humanity in the language of humanity. . . . The principles of God’s government and the plan of redemption must be clearly defined. The lessons of the Old Testament must be fully set before men.”—Ellen G. White, The Desire of Ages, p. 34.

“Through long, dark years when ruler after ruler stood up in bold defiance of Heaven and led Israel deeper and still deeper into idolatry, God sent message after message to His backslidden people. Through His prophets He gave them every opportunity to stay the tide of apostasy and to return to Him. . . . Never was the kingdom of Israel to be left without noble witnesses to the mighty power of God to save from sin. Even in the darkest hours some would remain true to their divine Ruler and in the midst of idolatry would live blameless in the sight of a holy God. These faithful ones were numbered among the goodly remnant through whom the eternal purpose of Jehovah was finally to be fulfilled.”—Ellen G. White, Prophets and Kings, p. 108.

Discussion Questions:

  • It has been suggested that through Hosea’s life and ministry, God’s word to Israel had in a sense “become flesh.” How is this idea only a small reflection of the great truth about the humanity of Jesus? See John 1:14.
  • Ancient Israel did not depart from God overnight. Instead, their apostasy was a gradual process. Prepare to share with your class members some of the ways in which one can remain faithful to God’s eternal principles in a constantly changing world.
  • Some people believe that the gospel message about God’s great love and salvation is presented clearly only in the New Testament and not in the Old. What is wrong with that idea?
  • In class, go over your answer to Tuesday’s final question.
  • The Old Testament was the Bible that Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul read. Look into the New Testament quotations from Hosea’s that are found in Matthew 9:13 and Romans 9:25-26. How did Jesus and Paul use the gospel message in Hosea to proclaim truth to us?


Further Study: Love and Judgment — 1 Comment

  1. At this final days of the clousure of the world's history,God has counselled us to go back to Him as it was during the time of Hosea when He was redeeming Israel through HIS appointed ministers. My question is when the world is full of inquity will it really survive?


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