Monday: Girdle of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness

“Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness” (Eph. 6:14, NKJV).

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Though it’s a little difficult to know the exact nature of the girdle, it seems that in Ephesians 6:14 Paul may have been referring to a leather apron that offered some protection to the lower abdomen but also made freedom of movement and readiness for action possible. In this sense, the girdle was a piece of basic armor. And that armor, said Paul, was “truth.” Along with the girdle of truth was the breastplate of righteousness. Thus, in this one verse Paul links the concepts of truth and righteousness.

Look up the following texts. How could they help us to understand the link between truth and righteousness, and why are they are so crucial for our spiritual protection in the great controversy? 1 Kings 3:6Ps. 15:296:13Prov. 12:17,Isa. 48:12 Cor. 6:7Eph. 5:9.

When the apostle Paul speaks of righteousness as a breastplate in the context of spiritual warfare, he has moral issues in mind. Doing right and practicing righteousness, or in other words, living out the “truth,” are as vital to Christians in the battle with the powers of evil as the breastplate is to the soldier on the battlefield. When we neglect to do what is right, when we turn our backs on what we know to be the truth, we are easy prey for Satan’s attacks, because we are leaving a wide open hole in our armor.

At the same time, though this “righteousness” includes living a righteous life, we must always remember the other aspect of righteousness, and that is the righteousness of Christ, which covers the believer and remains the believer’s only hope of salvation. As long as we cling to this truth-that our salvation rests in Jesus-we can be protected from one of Satan’s most efficient spiritual assaults against us: discouragement.

Have you ever been tempted to give up your walk with Jesus because you’ve been discouraged over your life, your character, your actions? If so, why is understanding the truth about Christ’s righteousness so crucial to a strong defense against Satan’s assaults?



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  1. This is one of the great topics to learn...! Other members bring discouragement to fellow members in the church...what can we say now...?!

    • let us pray to God to help us focus to our Savior who won the battle against the devil.for we know that dscouragement is one of devils way of snaring Gods children.

  2. Are we saying that righteousness has two aspects - living right and being covered by Christ? Are they not intertwined? Therefore, you will never be living righteously unless you have Christ in your life.

    I definitely agree that trying to live right without Christ leads to too much depression and discouragement.


    Returning to imagery / metaphors. If 'truth' is 'around the waist' as the text suggests, it is synonymous with the purpose of a belt - keeping everything up / together and not allowing us to be indecent! Thank God for these visual cues to remind us that his truth endures to all generations.

    • How encouraging, I pray that God in His mercy will give us the strength to hold to his promises, and also to practice trusting it Gods words, especially in times like this. I see members holding off new converts because things didn't go their way. Let us pray that God will open their eyes before it is too late. And also please pray for our new converts that they may put on the whole armor of God so they may find power to stand in times like these..

  3. mm-mm this girding your waist with truth is easy to suggest but as the lesson state we should, but the warfare that we are in and the world deceptiveness of truth can at time cause one to err a little with the truth as twisting it slightly, just not to be embarrassed and to deal with situation in life to make it easy .

    On the other hand when you are covered in the righteousness of Christ one will not have any fear of what a outcome will be ,by sticking with the truth because your life is wrapped in Christ ,the enemy, will not have a way in to your life .

    This truth and girdle we talk about does not mean only words, the truth in the way we live, the truth in our diet, the truth in what we wear,and so on

    Is this thought i have differ with other out there, let me know

  4. I believe that is the very reason why God sent Jesus. It is very discouraging and disappointing when you cannot reach a goal. We all want to live righteously but how many times have we failed on our own. If it was left to us we would never have success. That in it self is really depressing. That's why I'm thankful for Jesus, because it's his righteousness that makes it possible for me to be righteous. I just have to remember to not go this journey alone.

  5. We now know how to be victorious in Jesus Christ, now let us learn how to be ready to share our faith without drowning or getting burnt, by putting on the breast plate of Christ Righteousness, and the leather apron of truth. We must hold firm to our faith in Jesus Christ. There are many reasons to do this. 1. We have seen, by reading His word, Christ being our High Priest, passing through the heavens. Hebrews 4:14. 2. We have read about the One Jew who God is with. Zechariah 8:23. 3. We have come to share in Christ. Hebrews 3:14. 4. Don’t forget, we want a crown. Revelation 3:11 and other references admonishing us to stay with Christ. 1 Corinthians 16:13, 1 Timothy 1:19.

    Right now, this morning I can't think of a better promise then He will keep the truth in our hearts, ready to shine. "When you pass though the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze." Isaiah 43:2. Again, what a rush of emotion, as we hear, and see what He has done for us. I do believe that this emotion, contemplating of what He will do for me, keeps my breast plate fitting snugly, and my leather apron girded on my loins, ready to protect me from the wiles of the devil. Yes I know emotions are not to guide us. But it is the daily birst of emotions found in the word of God that gives us strength to fullfill the day in Truth, and Righteousness.

    Say for instance I was a metal worker, welding, then chipping, and grinding away the slag. I certainly would have on a thick leather apron, a breast plate, helmet and leather gloves. Hey, even an ardent motorcyclist does not ride without a leather jacket, pants, gloves, and carbon fiber helmet.
    Dia bueno

  6. "Thus, in this one verse Paul links the concepts of truth and righteousness." True but the links don't stop there. While there is a conjunction (and) in the Greek between "truth" and "righteousness" there is also one between "righteousness" and the "the gospel of peace." What we need to understand is that there were no verse and chapter constructs in the original Greek. Those things were something that was added much later to aid Bible study.

    If there is any break at all it would be at the beginning of verse 16 so that truth, righteousness, and the gospel are grouped together and the shield, helmet, and sword are grouped together. Those two groupings may also not be what Paul actually had in mind but is certainly more likely than artificially separating the gospel from truth and righteousness.

    To me what is important is the "WHOLE armor of God" (Eph 6:13), not just any particular grouping. For those that dabble in the fine points it is interesting that Paul apparently separates them into two groups of three. Such groupings are found quite a bit in the sanctuary. Besides it is well known that the Jews were fascinated with numbers and assigned to them meaning such as the number 7 or 10 that we find throughout Revelation.

  7. Prov 12:17 spoke to me most, it was the only one that showed me cause and affect; whereas, the other verses just seemed to list the two words in same verse which didn't seem to tell me what their relationship w/ea other is.
    Two arenas are brought to mind: courtroom, battlefield. There are two witnesses in my case for salvation. There are two generals in the war for my heart (physical), soul (mind), spirit (relationship w/God). Essentially the witnesses are trying to convince ME. What I believe will determine the outcome. Christ's righteousness became mine, once I accepted Christ's sacrifice as Truth, His righteousness covered my sins and cleared my record. God accepts that but do I?
    The Word of God promises to change me (as I am willing to give up to God the old life) that I might have a new life in Christ; bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Satan works to deceive me and distract me. The Word of God, truth, will counter any of Satan's claims if I KNOW what it says and if I believe God's Word as Truth. The more I trust in God's Word the more power God works in/through me to display Christ's righteousness outwardly and the more control He has over my mind, my heart will follow and my relationship with God will be unbreakable. (Note: it is a two - way street, it takes my effort to help build the relationship.)
    One will trust what they believe to be truth. Righteousness will result, if its God's truth. Satan will lose the (my) decision.

  8. I have to always remember that Jesus Christ blood is sufficient to cover and cleanse me of my daily unrighteousness.I lose a lot of battles to Satan even though I am fully aware at the time that I should resist. Most of the times I will concede because I want to do what I want. The guilt after however can sometimes be overwhelming and the only thing that keeps me from giving up, is the knowledge that Jesus Christ will never send me away with the "NO" answer, when with a true repentant heart I ask for forgiveness.

  9. In no way are we going to please God than living a rightous life and so we should be praying at all times in order to let Him always be with us thereof letting satan flee from us. The Bible says no one is rightous, What connection is their between this rightousness and the one in the lesson?

    • Proverbs 12:17 spoke to me most. There are people who paid a price for the truths we read, let us value them dearly. Thank you saints.

  10. As the lesson focuses on the "Girdle of Truth", I am brought to the understanding that, when we take a stand on an issue, we are convicted of a purpose, we are speaking from the "gut", we are expressing ourselves from the "core". So, with this in mind, as with the "Girdle of Truth", we are taking a stand for Truth, deep to the core, unswerving in the merits, regardless of the consequences, we are convicted, we are found in the GRACE of God, we are confessing God as our LORD, as Jesus echoes the witness unto the Father. As a result, we walk with "uprightness of heart" knowing, that the Truth sets us free and that we stand faithful to the character of God demonstrated by the plan of His salvation. He alone is Righteous.

  11. There you have it. The lession is talking about Christ's righteousness. "For by faith are we saved through grace, NOT OF OURSELVES, it is a gift of God, NOT by works, lest any man should boast." Ephesians 2:8,9.

  12. Truth will give us certainity and keep our thoughts balanced and reasonable whereas righteousness will give us confidence and also free us from fear of critism

  13. If you've ever put on a trouser that's loosely fitting, then you clearly understand what a belt does. It sets you free (John 8:32) to move without any hindrance and of course avoid the shame (Romans 1:16) of public exposure. I think it's also important to note that we are not here talking of truth as the opposite of falsehood or lies. To a Christian, Truth is a Person, Jesus Christ (John 14:6). It is not relative, it's not what works, it's not what is logical, it's not what can be proven in the laboratory, it's not even what my religion or pastor tells me. Yes at times we may consider these as truths, but there is only one definite truth, the Truth Jesus Christ. Truth involves not only what we believe but also what we do.

    The breastplate is equivalent to the bulletproof vests of today. The soldier must shop for the right one for it protects the most important organs of the body. The wise man cautioned, "keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life" (Prov. 4:23). It is to be guarded by righteousness. We can only put it on by believing (Romans 1:16, 17). Being a defensive part of the armor God provides it ready-made before we enter the battle arena, it's the righteousness of God (Romans 3:21) and not what we do. Putting on this vest implies being in a right relationship with God and it must lead to right living so that nobody can lay any charge against us (Romans 8:33). John Wesley in his Bible notes said that "no armor for the back is mentioned. We are always to face our enemies."

  14. God love us so much HE gave us wisdom to discern between right and we studied about wearing the whole armor of GOD which represent the righteousness of GOD proven how much HE cares for our salvation.loving HIM is all we should ask for so we can posibly wear the whole armor of GOD.because this is all HE wants for us in order to be save from the snares of the devil.My God is able-He is able to keep me from falling,to stablish and protect me[1pet.5;10],to keep my heart and mind to CHRIST JESUS[phil.4;7].God is my high tower[ps.144;2],my place of refuge[ps.62;8],my fortress[ps.31;3],my rock[ps.18;2],and my sure defense[ps.62;2]I am completely safe in Him.Amen

  15. In no way are we going to please God than living a rightous life and so we should be praying at all times in order to let Him always be with us thereof letting satan flee from us. The Bible says no one is rightous, What connection is their between this rightousness and the one in the lesson?

  16. Taking Mon and Tues lessons (they all do really) together give us a good picture of Jesus.

    John 14:6 "...I am the way" (foundation/footwear), "the truth" (girdle) "and the life" (Christ's righteousness/breastplate).


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