Sunday: I Fell at His Feet as Dead

Perhaps one of the greatest revelations we have been given of the majesty and power of God has come to us through astronomy. Most of the ancients had no idea of the size and expanse of the cosmos. In the twentieth century, with the incredible advances in various telescopes, we have been given a view of the universe that most of the ancients would have been baffled by. Indeed, we ourselves are baffled by it, by the size, by the distances, and by the incredible number of galaxies and stars. We barely can wrap our minds around it all.

And here is the amazing thing: only something greater than the cosmos could have created the cosmos, in the same way that only something greater than a painting could have created the painting. Thus, the God whom we worship, the God whom we serve, is the Creator of the universe; hence, He is “greater” than it all.

Who, then, are we in contrast to such a God?

Read Revelation 1:13–18, John’s depiction of Jesus, as revealed to him there. What is his reaction, and why would he react that way? How is the Cross presented here? 

Read Job 42:1–6. How does Job’s reaction compare with John’s? 

Though both these men were given only a partial revelation of the Lord, what they saw was enough to greatly humble them. There was fear, reverence, awe, and a sense of repentance in their reactions. How could there not be? They were getting a view of the Creator of the universe; more so, they were sinful beings getting a view of a sinless and holy God. No doubt, a realization of their own sinfulness, their own unrighteousness, their own filth, rose up in them before the presence of the Lord.

How should our worship services elicit in us a similar reaction? That is, shouldn’t we be given a sense of the presence of God, which should humble us? At the same time, how crucial that the Cross be lifted up before us as our only hope of salvation.



Sunday: I Fell at His Feet as Dead — 5 Comments

  1. While today's lesson is about the proper attitude we should have in the presence of God there is another interesting thing about Rev 1:13-18 that we shouldn't overlook. After John prostrated himself in fear the Lord said to him, "Do not be afraid" (Rev 1:17 NKJV). I have found eight other places in the New Testament were Jesus says the same thing to his saints. That says a lot about God and even more about us His sheep.

  2. Forerunner Commentary responds to Rev. 1:17 like this...."Relax, I am indeed the Eternal God, but I am also Jesus, your friend, whom you saw die and then rise from the dead. Look this is what it is like to have eternal life! I now have all the power over life and death." I like this wording.

  3. What can we learn from the reaction of the saints of old when they met God?

    Job is described as a "righteous man," yet he felt the need to "repent in dust and ashes" when He met God.

    John was the faithful "beloved" disciple of the Lord Jesus, yet he fell at His feet "as dead."

    What about you and I?

    Should we feel pretty good -- after all, we have been born again and are not nearly as sinful as those sinners out there?

    If we do feel that way, might that indicate that it's been a long time since we had a real encounter with Jesus?

    • Yes, and probably because we haven't had a good serious look at our own lives in comparison to Jesus.

      Didn't you basically paraphrase the Laodicean message in your last paragraph?

    • Thought provoking, Inge. When I think about myself, I think about "measured righteousness". Am I comparing my holiness with others base on what type of sin that I have committed. Maybe public vs. private? I believe we are groomed to think that our biblical truths, health laws, prophetic inspirations allows us to be holy by association with these things or the organization that endorses these ideals. Though they are relevant, when we really encounter God we realize that we, despite our attempts, are nothing.

      Holiness and true worship to me is acceptance of his awesomeness through faith and because he is so awesome and did what he did for my soul, I will choose to worship him with the best I got. Jesus blood will make it a worthy sacrifice


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