Tuesday: The Image of God: Part 2

Whatever else it means to be “made in the image of God,” it also shows that we were made to be in relationships.

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What are those relationships, and how should we, made as we are, act in them?

Read Genesis 2:19-20. What does that tell us right away about humanity’s relationship to the world?

Notice the autonomy, the freedom, given to Adam here. He was to name the creatures that God had created. God didn’t do the naming Himself, but He left that work to Adam. The text suggests that God was going to accept whatever names Adam gave to the creatures.

Read Genesis 2:20-25. How do these verses reveal more about the relational aspects for these beings made in God’s image?

A lot of commentary has been written over the centuries about the meaning of these verses. What is fascinating here, among other things, is the closeness and the intimacy that was meant to exist between Adam and Eve. Adam was created out of the ground and Eve out of Adam (something that helps to distinguish her from every other earthly created being). To be made in God’s image, then, certainly entails the capacity for close and loving relationships (something that surely reflects the relationship in the Godhead itself).

Now study Genesis 1:27 together with Genesis 3:20 and Acts 17:26. In what way is the unity between the first pair of humans extended to cover the unity of the entire human race? What does the unity of humanity have to say about ethical issues such as justice, racism, etcetera?


Tuesday: The Image of God: Part 2 — 4 Comments

  1. Our lesson today seems to suggest that God made humanity for intimate fellowship with Him and with one another. God is glorified when we come together in one accord and emulate the intimacy and unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in all our discourse and labors. Let us pray for one another today that we can live this out in our families, churches and communities. Pray for me and I will be praying for you all.

  2. We really need to come together and really pray for unity especially in our churches today there is a lack of unity and before we can get the outpouring of the Holy Spirit we have to be united just like the Apostles at the day of Pentecost. Adam and Eve was made as one and it was intended by God for all of us to be united as one but because of sin things changed. There is nothing that God cannot fix if we earnestly ask so I will join with Brother Moore in saying let us all pray for each other so that we can live this out in our families and then the church will also be united as well. May God strengthen us as we pray. God bless.

    • I agree- unity in churches is critical but it must start in the family. Much of the unity is lost because of too many distractions that are keeping us so busy we forget one another. Sin is definitely the casual factor that ruins the unity in the church but with prayer and faith; God will fix anything. This quarter lesson is definitely a blessing and empowering!

      God bless everyone.

  3. I agree with Fred god made us so that we can have that loving relationship one with other. But through sin it's hard to continue those loving relationships especially when God is not in the midst. It's my prayer that we allow God back into the midst of our relationships so that we can know that great joy of truly loving and being loved.


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