Inside Story: A Passion for Sharing

My name is Christian, and I live in Denmark.

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My family has no real relationship with Christ; but when I was a child, my grandmother had taught me to pray and to trust in God.

My faith in God wasn’t popular with my classmates, and often they teased and tormented me. So when I was ready to enter high school, I didn’t want to attend a public school. My parents helped me find a Christian school, and I was thrilled when I visited the Adventist boarding school in western Denmark. I didn’t know anything about Adventists, but I knew I was in the right place.

I loved the worships, the singing, and the Bible study. At last I belonged. During a Week of Prayer, I answered God’s call to surrender my life totally to Him and asked my mother for permission to be baptized. But she refused. I prayed earnestly about my decision, and in time Mother gave her permission.

After high school graduation, I joined a program called “One Year for the Lord” and worked in a café church in the city. There I started a teen club where kids could eat, talk, and listen to music or just do homework. One of my friends came, and I invited him to come back on Sabbath afternoon. He came and started asking questions about God. I was thrilled when people from the café meetings started using a prayer room I’d created. I was feeling the joy of serving God.

In high school I had worked with a kids’ club, and I wanted to start something similar while in university. Some friends joined me, and we organized a program and advertised it across town. We’ve averaged 35 kids. We do fun activities and talk about serious topics relevant to them, such as bullying. Parents often tell us that this club is something their kids need. The city leaders support us too and refer families to our club, where we focus on teaching respect.

I work with our church plant team in my town, too. And we have several other special interest ministries, including a Christian motorcycle club.

I’m still in school, but I’m teaching in a kindergarten. I have a passion to share God’s love with kids. I want to be there to help kids make important life decisions and let them know that Jesus is the answer to questions in their lives.

God has shown me that He wants to use me-and every Christian-to spread this love to others.

Christian Gjesthede shares God’s love in Jutland, Denmark.

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  1. May the good Lord bless you in all this that you are doing in your community. I believe that we should use whatever skills or resources that God has blessed us with to bring many unto his salvation. It is a personal choice in terms of how one would want to serve the Lord.


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