Inside Story: The carpenter’s Tools: An Allegory

Some tools lived together in a carpenter’s shop. They were having some problems getting along, and some complained that others were not doing their share of work. They met to discuss their issues.

The Hammer spoke first, for he served as the chairman. “Brother Drill,” he began, “you and your family are so noisy. And you seem to spin in circles, but go nowhere.”

The Drill quickly spoke up. “It’s true that I go around in circles, and my work makes noise. But at least I’m sharp. Pencil is small and often so dull that he makes a bad impression. He needs to be sharpened a bit if he expects to be of any use around here.”

Pencil felt defensive and spoke up. “Yes,” he began, “I a little blunt at times, But it’s because I work hard at my job. At least I’m not rough like Sandpaper here. It seems all he does is rub things the wrong way!”

That remark made Sandpaper really angry. “Hey, what about Ruler here? He measures others by his standards, as though he is the only one right around here.”

Ruler surveyed the group and said, “I’ll go if I have too, but then so must the Screwdriver. He’s so annoying, always tightening here and loosening there.”

Screwdriver angrily spat out, “Fine with me! I’ll go, but Plane must go, too. His work is superficial; there’s no depth to it!” he said.

To this, Plane leveled his terse reply, “Saw’s cuts hurt. She divides instead of unifies.”

Saw rose up to answer these accusations when suddenly a noise at the door stopped all conversation.

The Carpenter walked in, ready to begin the day’s work. He put on His tool belt and stepped to the workbench. He picked up the pencil and ruler. Carefully he measured and marked the wood before him. He sawed along the marks and then planed the cut edges of the wood to smooth the rough edges. He hammered joints into place and drilled holes for screws to make the piece sturdy. Then he sandpapered the wood to a silky smoothness. All day long He worked, using first one tool and then another.

At the end of the day, He gave a hearty blow and blew the dust from the finished product. And then He said, “Beautiful! I couldn’t have done it without my tools. Each one had an important role to play. No one tool could have done all the jobs. They’re all important.”

When we work together, going, praying, and giving, we are the Master’s tools to finish His work.



Inside Story: The carpenter’s Tools: An Allegory — 10 Comments

  1. Amen. My only wish is if only we could work together without self. Only thinking about what Jesus gave up to bring us heaven on earth.

  2. The allegory reminds me of 2 Corinthians chapter 12.
    How privilleged Iam to be part of that body that was crucified to deliver mankind.

  3. Powerful.When they were with one accord they shared what they've cs they were all moved by one spirit.

  4. Simple and so easy, we need each other. None of us can make it all alone. We are each good at different things, when we pool our resources we are able to shine. When we don't we become miserable.

  5. I truly enjoyed this story;we have to look at this through Christ-like eyes.God has given us all special gifts and hidden talents we must use for His glory and soul winning.If we put all of our gifts God has given us together and stop the bickering we could build up God's kingdom just as the carpenter did with the door.So let us unite together for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.United we stand divided we fall.

  6. This shows me how human kind are really defensive. Imagine none of these accepted his weakness rather they all become angry and find the defense point attributing another bad effect (selfishness always ). I wish that the lesson Jesus taught his disciples before the Easter may be caught in our day to day lifestyle

  7. Despite more than one tool might look alike, they all function differently. It is like spiritual gift and talent. They might look alike but function differently. Let us work together to finish the work

  8. We spend so much time complaining and finding faults with each other that we fail to see the roles which we should be playing as well as our purpose as a Christian. God designed the universe to work in harmony, can you imagine if the sun decided that it wasn't going to shine during the day? If we work in harmony and see our roles as complementing each other then we would be more effective as disciples and the gospel would reach all the world.

  9. What an illustration? If the church could chose people according to their abilities! It seems that sometimes a pencil is chosen to work on the side of the screw driver, a plain on the place of a hammer. We need reformation on this!

  10. May Gods Name be praised. What a blessing it is to realize that with our Father we all equally special. In-fact apostle Paul says in the Book of Romans chapter 2 verse 11,"For there is no respect of persons with God." The reality is with our Father we all, collectively serve a profound purpose. One article I once read said that the old Testament prophets all understood that their purpose did not mean them special because after them God would appoint another prophet to perform the very duty they performed.


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