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Inside Story: “They Deserve A Chance, Too” — 9 Comments

  1. That's a moving and inspiring testimony. I like Paul's comment about how he and his wife didn't originally plan these events but they are following God's plan and God is bringing blessings from it. May we all submit to God's will and not be rigid or make too many plans.

  2. My son and his wife is like Paul an Cindy they gave me a 2nd chance as well ,they took me in Their home to help me get my life together ,from the wrong people ,alcohol and men so I no Their is a GOD he bless they as well as me.

  3. My heart's desire is for God to use me in his service. Please include me and my husband in your prayers. We want to know what does God have for us to do in our community and in the workplace. Thanks.

  4. I praise God for Paul and Christie and the way they have allowed God to use them to help not only your own children but your children's friends as well. At the critical point of their young innocent lives you both have pointed them in the direction of LOVE because God is Love. You both have played a vital role in creating in their young minds these great memories which they will cherish as they grow older and my prayer for each of them is that every time a challenge in life is thrown at them they will always find Hope in these great memories. God continue to bless your ministry.

  5. More often we turn blind eye to such areas God directs. i have in many occasions failed to hlp neighbours in physical and spiritual need moreso the latter. may God create in me a heart that readily accepts his will & follow his directives like paul's .

  6. Oh yes, the best place to be, is where God wants you to be. I am intrigued by the Testimony of Paul and Cindy. It should encourage each and every one of us individually to ask God to lead us to where He wants us to be and also lead us through the Guidance of the Holy Spirit on how we are to do His bidding according to the talents and spiritual gifts gave us.

  7. I am reminded of a statement from EGW, Ministry of Health, that is present in the extra reading from this weeks lesson references: "The fifty-eight chapter of Isaiah is a prescription for maladies of the body and of the soul. If we desire health and the true joy of life we must put into practice the rules given in this scripture."


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