Inside Story: God and the Devil Worshipper

Benjamin Sam was a Global Mission pioneer in a primitive highlands region on the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.

Image © Bill Osborne from

Image © Bill Osborne from

While visiting the ailing village chief, he faced down soldiers with guns pointed at his head and prayed for healing for the chief. God helped him raise up a small congregation in the highland village, and today a school and a small church stand as testimonies of God’s power to change hearts.

Benjamin transferred to a region on the southern plains of the island. There he visited the people and found many who wanted to know more about Jesus. He held two weeks of evangelistic meetings in the village.

On the first night of the meetings a devil priest named Bem and his wife entered the meeting area and sat down. The next night they returned, but that night the devil whom Bem worshipped became angry and wouldn’t let Bem sleep. Bem’s joints swelled and became painful, and the devil told him, “I will kill you if you leave me.” Bem became fearful and cried out, “I’m going to die!” Then he told his startled wife that the devil was attacking him and had threatened to kill him.

Early the next morning Bem’s wife came to tell Benjamin what her husband had said the night before. Benjamin visited Bem’s home and told him that the devil was a defeated enemy of God, and Bem didn’t have to fear his power. Benjamin told Bem and his wife that Jesus had cast out many demons during his lifetime. “Jesus even raised a dead child and a dead man,” he said, referring to Jairus’ daughter and Lazarus. Bem and his wife listened in awed silence.

Benjamin invited the couple to kneel with him while he asked Jesus to cast out the demon from Bem’s life. Benjamin prayed for Bem and his family. When Benjamin ended his prayer, Bem told Benjamin that the devil had left him.

Following the evangelistic meetings Bem and his wife asked to be baptized. At the baptismal service Bem shared how Jesus had cast out the demons he had once worshipped. “Now I am a follower of the true God, Jesus Christ,” he said.

Bem shares his new faith with those he used to serve as a devil priest. A small congregation of believers now worships in this village, evidence of God’s redeeming love.

Our mission offerings help reach people everywhere who need to hear God’s message of love and forgiveness.

Benjamin Sam served as a Global Mission pioneer until he was asked to pastor a congregation near Honiara, the capital city of the Solomon Islands.

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  1. He opens chained men and women from jail imprisoned by satan king of darkness who always does things in conspiracy uses secret societies to decieve the elects


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