Inside Story: Home at Last

Sade Belo was born in a village to Adventist parents in the Solomon Islands. He loved swimming and began competing in swim meets in school.

Image © Lars Justinen from

Image © Lars Justinen from

He qualified to travel to other islands of the South Pacific to compete, but during this time he lost his way spiritually.

He completed high school and married a woman from a charismatic church. He attended church with her and was asked to be a pastor. He enjoyed his church work, but often thought of the faith he had left behind. The Sabbath still held a special place in his heart. He was glad when his eldest son had joined the Adventist church.

When an Adventist pastor held some meetings in his area, he attended. He listened to the messages on prophecy and earth’s final days. Sade realized that even though he was a pastor, he was a prodigal son. During one meeting he asked Jesus to take his life completely and guide him back to the faith he had once known.

He told his wife of his conviction to return to the Adventist church and invited her to study the Bible with him. He explained to his congregation that he had been convicted that he must follow the Bible and join the Adventist Church. He and his wife were baptized in 2008.

Some members of the charismatic church asked to study the Bible and learn what had impressed their former pastor to become an Adventist. Sade focused on the beauty of God’s gift of the Sabbath as he explained what had drawn him to the Adventist faith. “The Sabbath isn’t so much about choosing to obey God’s commandment to honor a particular day,” he says. “It’s more about accepting a gift of fellowship with God.”

Sade has a new mission now, to reach people who are just discovering the beauty of the Sabbath and those who once knew it but have fallen away. “I’m grateful that God was patient with me and has led me back home to the Adventist faith. I thank God for those in my family, including my older son, who prayed for me for so many years. Your mission offerings help in many ways to share God’s love with others. Many people in Solomon Islands don’t understand the faith I’ve learned to love. I want to share God’s love and the beauty of His Sabbath with His children who live in the heart of the Solomon Islands.”

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Inside Story: Home at Last — 10 Comments

  1. i love the Sabbath and when i read such inspiring stories i get motivated and feel one day i will join my family once again as it used to be. pray for me.

    • Saria; u are not alone. We all stray at one point and we need each others prayers.
      I will continue to pray for u and ask our prayer partners to pray for u and others to keep the faith.
      May God bless u and your family and see u in heaven.

  2. The Sabbath day of rest, each time when we meet and discuss the word of God we increase, our knowledge and grow spiritually, time has gone now we must make up a difference where ever we are by keeping the commandments and have faith in Jesus.

  3. Sade Belo is simply an illustration of many of us in this Christian journey. We start off on the right path; fully committed and fully devoted to serve the Almighty God. Along the way the He blesses the hands of our works, so we can continue to be a blessing to His children.

    As we begin to prosper however, we forget the way He is leading and the mission He has for us. We begin to have misplaced priorities i.e., “the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life."

    Soon before we know it, Mark 4:6-7 becomes a reality. Our roots that were once grounded on the WORD soon begin to be grounded on the WORLD. And if we continuously remain on this path, the cares of the world, deceitfulness or riches, and the lusts of other things begin to choke the WORD. Soon become unfruitful as we continue to wither away.

  4. I am so over joy with these testimonies that i can hardly contain myself.Many have not understood the importance of that special day with our creator, not only that, this will be the decisive line between the sides we would have chosen for our security to our eternal destiny. I thank God for His Holy Spirit who still wrestles with the conscience of men for the acceptance of the truth.


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