Inside Story: Jewels of Truth


Afet knew she had found great truth at the small group meeting that she and her mother and sister had been attending. Within a year all three were baptized.

Afet’s heart burned to share her faith with others, but it wouldn’t be easy. Most people in her country consider Christians infidels. Afet prayed for wisdom, and God showed her texts in the dominant religion’s holy book that could help lead people to Jesus. Afet printed these texts out and gave them to people.

“Your holy book says that Jesus will come again,” she told people as she gave them the cards she’d made. As people read the verses, God opened their hearts to hear about Jesus. “I tell them that the Bible teaches many of the same things their holy book teaches, sometimes in greater detail,” says Afet. “They are surprised. I show them verses from their holy book that say that the Bible is the word of God and it never changes.” Using this approach, Afet and her fellow believers have led many to Christ and organized several small groups.

With help from the church headquarters in her country, Afet and her fellow believers bought 10,000 books to sell door-to-door in their city of 800,000 people, where very few people are Christians.

One day an older man answered Afet’s knock. He saw that Afet was selling books and sent his son to fetch a young man who sells religious books of his own faith. Afet prayed for wisdom and asked God to guide her words. When the young man arrived, the home owner took a copy of Steps to God [Steps to Christ] from Afet and showed it to the young man. “Do you sell this book?” he asked. The young man said that he didn’t know the book. The older man bought two copies of Steps to God and gave one to the young man to read. He kept the other for himself and thanked Afet for the opportunity to read more about God.

A girl on the second floor had seen Afet going door-to-door. She hurried to catch Afet before she left the building. She asked to see Afet’s books and picked up Steps to God. “I saw this book in a dream!” she said. “I must have it!”

God is using Adventist books to lead these people to the Bible and to the Savior. Your mission offerings help support ministries such as this in countries where it’s difficult for Adventists to share their faith.

Afet shares her faith as a Global Mission pioneer in a country in central Asia. To protect her identity, her full name hasn’t been used.

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Inside Story: Jewels of Truth — 3 Comments

  1. Good day Brothers. And Sisters,

    Can you share the scripture with me that Afet used in her ministry in her country that point to the Bible as stated above in paragraph one?

    Thank you and God Bless you.


    • Since neither the country nor the holy book is mentioned, it is hardly possible to share the texts from the "holy book" that she used. If you believe she is from the same country you are, you may pray to God, and He will as willingly show you how to witness as He showed Afet. And if you are not in the same country, the same thing still holds true: Ask God go show you how to witness, and He will.

  2. In John chapter 14 Jesus talks of going to heaven and returuning one day to take those who believe in Him home with Him to Heaven


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