Inside Story: Light in the Darkness, 2

Nima was one of many Bhutanese who received a copy of The Great Controversy.

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He read it through several times and is sharing his discoveries about God with his family and friends in their small village in Bhutan. He meets with a small group of about 15 people in the bedroom of a house to worship. Several are preparing for baptism. And their numbers grow as Nima continues to share his faith and provide Adventist books and literature, which he smuggles across the border into his homeland.

It remains difficult for Christians to practice their faith in Bhutan. Dozens of believers have been imprisoned for sharing their faith. So at present most volunteer evangelists meet with people across the Bhutanese border in India. There these volunteers study the Bible and teach the people how to use simple medical treatments to reach others for Christ. So far at least 25 Bhutanese have accepted Jesus as their Savior and become Seventh-day Adventist Christians. When they return home they take Bibles and Adventist books with them.

Stories continue to seep out of Bhutan of people who want to know about Jesus. One hotel manager received several copies, which he gave to tour drivers to give to passengers.

Recently some Bhutanese believers visited several small villages to pray for the sick and comfort the mourning and brokenhearted. Several people wanted to know more about God, so the believers cautiously introduced them to Jesus. The Holy Spirit is working in the hearts of these people who are so eager to know about Jesus.

Sadly, most of the 700,000 people living in Bhutan still worship spirits or gods made of wood and stone. They live and die with no assurance of salvation, for they’ve never heard the message of God’s love or Jesus’ sacrifice for them. They are spiritually hungry and crave truth on which to build their lives. Slowly God’s message is opening the doors to the hearts of the Bhutanese people.

We can help the people of Bhutan meet Jesus. Our mission offerings can support Bible workers and provide literature and Bibles so that these people can meet Jesus, the King of all kings, who loves them so much that He died for them. We must tell them so they can be ready to meet Jesus when He comes.

The author, whose name has been withheld for security reasons, is an evangelist who works with Bhutanese on the border with India.

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  1. Wonderful, I am praying that the LORD will help us to be able to give and pray for the work among these people and others like them.


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