Inside Story: The Man God Intends

Rober [roh-BEHR] and his family live in a small town in eastern Peru. His wife, Roxana, began attending the Adventist church and took the couple’s children with her. She often invited, Rober, but he wasn’t interested in religion.

However, in his heart, Rober sensed that his life wasn’t what it should be. He often drank, but later felt guilty that his bad habits weren’t a good example for his children. He wanted to be a better husband and father, but he didn’t know how.

Rober and Roxana Courtesy of the GC office of Adventist Mission

Rober and Roxana
Courtesy of the GC office of Adventist Mission

Then an accident turned his life around.

“I was drunk when I lost control of my motorcycle,” he says. “I landed hard on the street, fracturing my skull and breaking other bones. I was taken to the hospital, unconscious. When I finally recovered enough to return home, Roxana spent hours reading the Bible to me and talking about what Jesus means to her. I had a lot of time to think about my life and God. One day I told Roxana that I wanted to make my life right with God. I wanted to marry her legally and be baptized. The pastor and a lay member came to study the Bible with us, and when we were ready, we were baptized together.”

“Before we were united in Christ, our lives were sad,” Roxana says. “But now we sing and pray and read the Bible together as a family. We’re so happy.”

Rober has returned to work, where he shares his new faith with his fellow workers. “Whenever I have a chance I tell them what I’m learning about Christ,” he says. “I have a small computer and use it to show my fellow workers videos about the Bible and God.” Rober shares his faith with his extended family. Although they aren’t Adventists, they listen, for they’ve seen changes in his life. Seeing the difference Jesus has made in Rober’s life makes them want to make changes in their lives as well.

Rober has gone from wishing he could be more actively involved with his family to being a model of faith for his family. “We need fathers who will teach their children about Jesus and all He stands for,” Rober says. “It’s the most important thing we as parents can do.”

With Roxana’s support, Rober hopes to return to school and study public health so he can help people live a more healthful life. It’s one way he can be an example of faith to those around him.

Our mission offerings help build churches in poor regions of Peru and throughout South America. Thank you for supporting mission with your gifts to God.

Rober Aquino and his family share their faith in central Peru.



Inside Story: The Man God Intends — 6 Comments

  1. May the good Lord be your strength as you pursue your studies for his people and may you continue to be the shining light to many as they are being drawn to the kingdom because of your testimony

  2. Our God is an awesome God. He is all loving, He is all forgiving. I pray he will use your whole family in His work. There is much work to do yet.

  3. I Love to hear of stories how our Amazing God is always listening to His children's cry and is so willing to "Step right in" even before we ask Him.


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