Inside Story: Mila’s Prayers Bulgaria

Mila [MEE-lah] is 6 years old, but already she’s a prayer warrior. She prays for people until God answers.

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Image © Providence Collection from

One day at school Mila saw her teachers outside during their break smoking cigarettes. Mila knows that smoking is dangerous, so right there she prayed for them. “Dear Jesus,” she said, “please help my teachers know that smoking is bad for them. Help them to stop smoking before it makes them sick. Amen.”

That evening when Father arrived home, he saw Mila sitting on the couch with her head bowed. He wondered if something was wrong. He touched her and asked if she was OK. Mila looked up and said, “I’m fine. I’m just praying for my teachers. They smoke and I don’t want them to get sick.”

Daddy knew about Mila’s prayer ministry. He sat down beside her and asked, “Would you pray for a woman at work? She smokes too.” Mila smiled and bowed her head. She prayed for Daddy’s friend at work and for her teachers. Mila kept praying for her teachers and her father’s friend every day.

Several weeks later, Daddy came home from work and told Mila that his friend at work had stopped smoking. The woman told him that one day she had suddenly lost her desire to smoke and hadn’t smoked again. Daddy knew that the woman had tried to stop smoking many times before, but she had failed.

“What day did you stop smoking?” he asked. The woman thought for a minute and then told him the date. “That was the day after my daughter started praying for you,” he said. Daddy told the woman that Mila had been praying that she would stop smoking. She was surprised that a child’s prayer could help her stop smoking when nothing else could.

“My teachers still smoke,” Mila said. “And I’m still praying for them. Sometimes I tell them that smoking is bad for them and that I’m concerned about them. I’ve told them that I’m praying for them. My teacher says that she wants to stop smoking,” Mila added. “I’m sure God will answer my prayers.”

God answers our prayers, but he never forces someone to do something against their wishes. When we pray for others, God works in their hearts and in ours to answer those prayers. When we pray that people will meet God and accept Jesus’ love, we must be willing to help make that happen if God calls us.

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Inside Story: Mila’s Prayers Bulgaria — 3 Comments

  1. [Moderator note: please use first and last names when commenting on this site. Thanks!]

    That story was very encouraging.

  2. Praying with faith is an important issue, when you read mathew 8, we see many people who had problems when meet Jesus they were first asked if they had faith. Not only to Mila but we should pray with faith!

  3. [Thank you for your comment. Next time please use your full name on this site.]

    is truly awesome what our Lord can do with us no matter our age or gender,blessing to Mila continue to walk in the ways of The Lord an he will lead you all the way.


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