Inside Story: Mysterious Television Truth

Mandela Hector lives in Trinidad.

Image © Ain Vares from

Image © Ain Vares from

He had no special interest in religion. Then his cousin invited him to attend his church, and Mandela realized that God wanted to be part of his life. He bought a Bible and began reading it. Questions arose in his mind that his cousin’s pastor couldn’t answer, so Mandela searched elsewhere for answers.

He discovered a religious television station and began watching it. A sermon on prophecy caught his interest. He was impressed that the speaker’s message was based on the Bible. Mandela read each Bible text for himself and was convinced that the words were from God.

One evening the speaker talked about how the Sabbath had been changed to Sunday long after Jesus had died and rose again. Mandela realized that the Sabbath wasn’t Sunday but Saturday. He told his boss that he would no longer work on Saturdays. But because he knew of no church that worshipped on the Sabbath, he rested at home that day and worshipped with his cousin on Sundays.

When Mandela realized that the station was affiliated with Adventists, he found a church in town. On Sabbath morning he got up early, eager to celebrate the Sabbath in God’s house. When one member learned that a television program had brought Mandela to the church, he was amazed for Adventist television wasn’t generally available in Trinidad at that time. Only then did Mandela realize that God had provided the television signal in one small neighborhood where he lived so that he could learn God’s truths.

A few months later Mandela cemented his relationship with Christ by baptism. He wanted to share his new faith with others. He discovered Adventist books and began reading. When he learned about literature evangelists, he knew he had found his calling. He quit his job to work for God.

Although not everyone wanted his books, Mandela saw God leading him. He met people who told him they had dreamed that a man would come with a book or magazine to answer their questions just before Mandela arrived. “This is truly God’s ordained work,” Mandela says. “When I think of how God led me to His truth, I’m amazed that He could care so much for one person. I want to share that with others.”

Our mission offerings bring God’s message to people in many different ways. Mandela and millions of others thank you for sharing God’s truths with them through your mission offerings.

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  1. Great story, another reminder that when we search for the Lord with all our hearts, we will find Him and He is willing to help us.


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