Inside Story: Sharing God’s Dream

God sent Allen and Kelley Fowler a dream to minister among the Navajo people of northern Arizona, U.S.A. They went as volunteers, praying that God would use them to reach the people they loved. They ministered to the Navajos living on the reservation and in the nearby town of Page in any way they could. When we saw a need, we prayed for a way to fill it, Kelley said.

The couple invited mission teams to help rebuild rundown hogans (houses) and supplied struggling families with coats, warm blankets, and baskets of food. They invited medical personnel to spend their vacations offering free medical care to those who couldn’t afford it, and they held health classes to teach people how to prevent diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

There was much to do on the reservation, but God called them to serve in the city as well. Page is the hub of a thriving tourist area. But half the population is Native American, many of them living in poverty.

The couple visited trailer parks and run-down homes, seeking to meet the needs of the people. And once the Navajo people realized that this couple really cared for them, they were willing to learn about God.

Soon the couple had 70 people who wanted Bible studies. They organized evangelistic meetings in Page. Twelve Navajos were baptized following the meetings.

But they had no church. The group met in the community center that volunteers had built outside town. And they prayed for a church, a dream that seemed impossible to fulfill short of a miracle. Land was expensive and hard to find, and a church would take years to build.

The North American Division offered to help the struggling work among the Navajo with part of a Thirteenth Sabbath Offering. Hope soared. Then an Adventist visitor to town discovered an unused church building. No sign had been posted, but the church was for sale. Members prayed, negotiations continued, and the church, a parsonage, and a vacant lot were purchased within the amount allocated to that project by the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering.

We saw the hand of God moving, the Fowlers said. And people around the world helped make God’s dream a reality. Thanks to your Thirteenth Sabbath Offering, the little miracle church was dedicated to God on a clear, cold day in December 2012. Thank you!

Please keep praying for volunteers to continue answering God’s call to work among the Navajo, so they can learn that God loves them and wants to spend forever with them.

Allen and Kelley Fowler continue to minister to their beloved Navajo people in Page, Arizona.



Inside Story: Sharing God’s Dream — 2 Comments

  1. God is able to fill our voids as long us we be diligent in his work and wholly trust. May our hearts be responsive to His call

    • Right! (I mean truuuly)--Riiight!, Mark!
      Whoooaah! You just hit at the core of a "wrangling-of-my-spirit" that was taken place right now, imnmediately after, I read the inside story, and then-- I SAW YOUR COMMENT!
      Because think about what You said--" long...we be dilligent in HIS Work and wholly trust..." And then, I truly believe that Our LORD GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT TRULY Hit me next with the revelation, through confirmation that--I don't have to go to Africa, to the Congo, per the "Inside Story" from the 5th of July, but according to this modeled example, I have the Akwasasne-Mohawk reservation right here near me, as the closest one, 78 miles up the road, and soooo, I can begin to look'em up and do it right here! 🙂 ok, take care, Mark, for allowing Our GOOD AND GREATEST LORD GOD ABOVE ALL else, to lead YOU with these words to spark that intuition in me! thank You!


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