Inside Story: Show Me Your Church, Part 1

Roger’s stomach tightened as he waited to see the director of his school. I will stay true to God, no matter what this man decides.

Image © Lars Justinen from

Image © Lars Justinen from

Roger was in his final year of secondary school. Soon he would take the national exams that would grant-or deny-him the right to pursue higher education. Roger had taken the exams before, but when one of the exams fell on Sabbath, he had chosen to honor God rather than take the exam. He had accepted the failing grade as a price he could pay for his faithfulness to God. He planned to try again the next year, but civil unrest in Central African Republic forced his family to flee to the Republic of the Congo. He now faced the same problem in a foreign country.

On the first day of classes in his new school, Roger had gone to the school’s director to explain his religious beliefs and ask to be excused from school functions on Sabbath, a regular school day. The director had been polite, but his response was simply “We’ll see how it goes.” Roger could only hope-and pray-that the man would honor his request.

When Roger looked at his class schedule, he saw that nearly every exam was scheduled for a Sabbath. Roger asked the teachers to give him his exam on another day. Some did, but others refused.

“You are just one student among so many,” the director told him. “I am a Christian too. “Show me where God says that we must not work on Saturday.”

Roger opened his Bible to Exodus 20 and began reading the Sabbath commandment.

“I didn’t know that,” the director said thoughtfully. “Why don’t you worship your God in the morning, and come to school after lunch?” It seemed like such a reasonable request.

Patiently Roger explained the Sabbath, which began at sunset on Friday. He read Bible texts to support his explanation.

The director thought for a moment, and then said, “Show me your church.”

Roger sat back. How can I show him my church? he thought. In all of the Congo we have not one church.

Before Roger could answer, the director made another request. “Can you bring me your church pastor?” Roger smiled. He could bring a pastor.

Roger Wazoua is preparing to be a pastor in Africa.

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  1. When the Seveth-Day Sabbath was first introduced to me I was a Methodist. As I studied the books of the Bible I was challenged by, "...If thou keep thy foot from the Sabbath ...............I will make you to ride upon the hig places of the earth....." Surely, the Lord has honoured His Word and if I had a 'thousan tongues' today I would not be able the thank the Lord enough for His faithfulness. It has been almost FIFTY YEARS now.


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