Inside Story: Those Dreaded Adventists

Rudy Micelli grew up in a musical Christian family in Brazil. He’s sung praises to God since he was a child. Often he would pretend to sing along with a favorite recording, and as he grew older, singing for God became his passion.

While studying some religion classes, Rudy took a class on cults. There Rudy’s teacher warned of many cults, including the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. “Adventists perform blood rituals in their worship,” the teacher said. “They are dangerous and should be avoided!”

Some time later as he browsed through radio stations, Rudy came across a station playing a beautifully orchestrated hymn. He listened to the song and several more beautiful renditions of hymns he loved. “The music thrilled me. It was so well performed and gave glory to God.” Then he heard the station identification and realized that he was listening to an Adventist radio station!

Quickly he turned the radio off. But he wondered, How can such beautiful music come from a bad sect? He turned the radio back on, promising himself to listen only to the music, not the spoken messages.

Rudy continued listening to the Adventist station. He especially enjoyed the voice of one female vocalist. But he was careful not to tell his family that he was listening to “those dreaded Adventists.”

One day he learned that his favorite recording artist would be singing in his city. He must go hear her, he decided. But to his dismay the concert would be held in the Adventist church. Is this the devil’s trap to get me into an Adventist church? he wondered. But he rationalized that it was only a concert, and he did want to hear her sing. He decided to go. He prayed for God’s protection and approached the concert with mixed excitement and dread.

He was greeted warmly as he entered the church and ushered to a seat reserved for visitors in the front row. He scanned the room, he but saw no evidence of a sacrificial altar or any other indication that this church worshipped darkness. As he sat down and prayed, a sense of the presence of God took him by surprise. It felt so right to be there.

At the end of the concert Rudy found the pastor and told him, “I want to study the Bible with you. Can we start right away?” The surprised pastor agreed, and six months later Rudy was baptized into the Adventist family.

Today Rudy sings with an Adventist music ministry that spans the world, leading people to Christ in many countries. And it all started with a song on the radio.

Radio continues to lead thousands to Jesus every year. Our mission offerings help support the ministry of Adventist radio around the world.

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  1. Yes, my closest Christian friend, when the Lord moved my heart to honour the Sabath, she said, no, those Adventists do not honour the deity of Jesus Christ. I was shocked by such a comment and I am reading The Desire of Ages. I do not mention this to this friend yet. There is nowhere I have been where the Bible and the worship of God is revered as at the SDA Church. I have peace abundantly in my heart and when I am in Church, I know at last the Lord has lead me in the paths of righteousness, for His Name's sake. Glory to Him alone. Elvida



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