Monday: The King of Peace

Read Zechariah 9:9. How does the New Testament apply this to Jesus?

Image © Jeff Preston from

Image © Jeff Preston from

See Matt. 21:9Mark 11:9-10Luke 19:38John 12:13-15.

Jesus’ triumphal entry consisted of the future King riding on a donkey into Jerusalem. In the Bible, rejoicing and shouting for joy especially is associated with the celebration of God as King (Psalms 479698). This gentle Ruler will bring righteousness, salvation, and lasting peace, and His dominion will stretch to the ends of the earth.

When Jesus triumphantly rode a donkey into Jerusalem only days before His death, a great number of people cheered His coming. Some rejoiced, hoping that Christ would overthrow Rome’s power and establish God’s kingdom in Jerusalem. But instead of allowing Himself to be Israel’s king, Jesus died on the cross and then rose from His grave. There is no question that He disappointed many of His followers, those who sought a more militaristic leader. Little did they know, however, that what they wanted was nothing in comparison to what they were going to get through the death of Jesus instead.

“Christ was following the Jewish custom for a royal entry. The animal on which He rode was that ridden by the kings of Israel, and prophecy had foretold that thus the Messiah should come to His kingdom. No sooner was He seated upon the colt than a loud shout of triumph rent the air. The multitude hailed Him as Messiah, their King. Jesus now accepted the homage which He had never before permitted, and the disciples received this as proof that their glad hopes were to be realized by seeing Him established on the throne. The multitude were convinced that the hour of their emancipation was at hand.”—Ellen G. White, The Desire of Ages, p. 570.

Much has been written about how, when things looked good, the crowd was all enthusiastic about Jesus; when things did not go right, however, many in that same crowd turned away from Him (some even openly against Him). What can we learn from this incident about the danger of false expectations? You claim a promise for healing, for instance, or for victory over a sin, and you do not see it as you expected. How can we develop a faith that will not fail, even when things do not go as hoped, expected, or even prayed for?



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  1. I find throughout the New Testament the picture of a Christian standing on the Rock looking up in faith. This stance is the posture of a true Christian as I see it. As we behold Him and surrender to Him, we learn that He is truly worthy of our full trust even if we must wait all our lives on this earth to fully, physically receive the promises He has made to us!

  2. If believe in Gods love to us, than its like of no reason on evidence but on knowing God in the face of Jesus. Some are bad tempered even in much prosperity, but others sing when burned on the stick.
    1 John 4:16,19 give me that understanding.

  3. Life as has been down to us is a complete package,full of everything you might not fathom,but that's how it is, John the Baptist wanted Christ to release him from prison,Jesus said to God "if it's possible let this cup pass over",in this two examples none of them was rescued or got what they wanted
    In our own small way we have faced disappointments in many ways that has affected our xian life in a way,may be after getting your citizenship you wanted to bring your father or mom or some one who in one way or the might have done something special for u, to this country but just then he or she died.God knows what is best n what is at the end of the tunnel,let us therefore allow him to steer us to the final destination,and then ask him Father,why did u do that,
    Thank you.let us therefore hold unto our faith for all these disappointments are branded to shape US out to fit the kingdom to come.Amen

  4. How can we develop a faith that will not fail, even when things do not go as hoped, expected, or even prayed for?
    - 1. Check validity of goal in His Word. Did God really promise the goal? Do you truly understand what is written?
    - 2. Set one's mind to trust God. If he promised the goal, He will deliver, in His time, by His pathway/means. (Lord, Your ways are not my ways but Your Word says . . ., so I will trust You. I will NOT lean on my own understanding.)
    - 3. Pray (Father give me grace to believe Thy Word in the face of doubt. Help me to be open/flexible to Your path and be used as Your instrument.)
    - 4. Live/speak as if the goal is eminent. (Praise God for His faithfulness daily.)
    - 5. Keep a journal. Remember how God has worked in one's life already and be ready to give an answer when asked about one's hope for the future.)

    • Wow! it is as if you know my life, I really needed to hear those words today. I was so afraid and doubtful when I woke up this morning with stress and anxiety in my heart. I had to pray hard and long for God to deliver me from its drowning effects. I felt much better after I prayed, I had missed Mondays lesson so I went back to it this morning and found your comments and it really helped to concrete my fragile faith and to feel more secure that God is looking out for me and sent me a message through you. Thank you

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    Death of christ is more important than to be a king cause by His death we get eternal life

  6. Through the agency of the Holy Spirit, a new principle of mental and spiritual power was to be brought to man, who, through association with divinity, was to become one with God. Christ, the redeemer and restorer, was to sanctify and purify man’s mind, making it a power that would draw other minds to Himself. It is His purpose, by the elevating, sanctifying power of the truth, to give men nobility and dignity. He desires His children to reveal His character, to exert His influence, that other minds may be drawn into harmony with His mind.... – {RC 17.4} So according to Spirit of Prophecy and the word of God, we must surrender our wills to God, and by the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit we will have victory over self.

  7. In the time when everything seem to be impossible, GOD is the only correct solution; at the time when every body including your really parents seem to disair about your life, GOD still loves you and protects you under his wings.
    So call GOD in any situation and cling to the saviour in all the situations.


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