Sabbath: Lest We Forget!

Read for This Week’s Study: Malachi 1Lev. 1:1-3Malachi 2Eph. 5:21-33Malachi 3Exod. 32:32,Malachi 4.

gless13 (1)Memory Text: “‘My name will be great among the nations, from the rising to the setting of the sun. In every place incense and pure offerings will be brought to my name, because my name will be great among the nations,’ says the Lord Almighty’” (Malachi 1:11, NIV).

Key Thought: Malachi teaches us the extent of God’s commitment to His people but also points to their sacred responsibilities.

Malachi’s name means my messenger. We know nothing about him except that which we can glean from his short book, which brings the section of the Old Testament called the Minor Prophets (or The Book of the Twelve) to an end. His is also the last book of the Old Testament.

The central message of Malachi is that while God had revealed His love for His people throughout their history, that love also made His people accountable to Him. The Lord expected the chosen nation and its leaders to obey His commands. Though open idolatry apparently had vanished (the book appears to have been written for Jews who had returned from Babylonian captivity), the people were not living up to the expectations of the covenant. Though they were going through the motions of religious observance, it was a dry formalism without heartfelt conviction.

May we as a church take heed!

Study this week’s lesson to prepare for Sabbath, June 29.



Sabbath: Lest We Forget! — 8 Comments

  1. In Malachi 2 is openly said that God loves marriage and hate divorce. And by profaning marriage they do violence to God himself. So to be known to all that modern Lgb activists!

  2. I want to listen to what God says here, and I pray that He will come into my heart to cleanse me and make me truly united with Him and the work of His Kingdom. I am so grateful for what He has done that I pray I will give Him the gifts of love that show that thankfulness. I also pray He will help me treat my human family and church family with respect and love because I know this also brings joy to His heart!

  3. Indeed. May the church take heed for indeed history is repeating itself. Many a time we are finding ourselves worshiping in a dry and formalistic manner. May our worship be more heartfelt and full of faith and mere formalism full of emptiness and dryness.

  4. I've come to understand who God really is, in the fullness of His soverign and omnipotency above all that exist in His whole universe and beyond. Our (man) existence is totally in God's control and when i came to realize that, i immediately hummbled myself before God and pleaded for the understanding and the strength to enabled me to obey and faithfully follow all His statutes. I read in tbe Spirit of Prophecy; if Adam would've stood his ground and not partake of the fruit of good & evil, God would've eliminated Lucifer right there and then. Since Adam fell, God allowed Lucifer to exist a little longer to fullfil His purpose and expose evil to His whole universe. When Lucifer finally came to his senses, realizing his total existence is in God's control, he cried out to God to grant him any position in heaven, the lowest of the angels, but with God's foreknowledge saw and decided that He will not jeoperdize heaven the second time. Satan exist today because God is allowing it, and we experience his evil doings today only when God permit. The Father gave His only Son Jesus to introduce the plan of salvation and to vindicate the character of God as the only true and just God.
    I use to tell families and friends when they come visit, that's my car, that's my house, my boat, my daughter i put her through college etc., all this boasting because of my level of understanding of the true reality of who God is and who i am. All our accomplishments and establishments are made possible by God. We are ignorant of this most important truth, because of that freedom of choice God lovingly gave us. This freedom of choice will make us feel like we can make great accomplishments by ourselves without God. I've learned that without Christ in me, i am nothing but a dust of the earth, everything i have is of God, every breath and heartbeat in me is of God. When this wonderful truth is realized, i can see a God who is abounding in mercy and love persueing mankind with longsufferings and patience and true and righteous judgement to reconcile man back to Him. May we are constantly reminded of our total dependancy on God everyday until He appear and we will be like Him forevemore.

    • Praise to God that we can be instruments through which he bestows His love. There are not enough words to describe Him. I hope to be one of the faithful who will worship Him forever and ever.

    • Jay, I would be interested to have you supply the reference where you read the following:

      I read in tbe Spirit of Prophecy; if Adam would’ve stood his ground and not partake of the fruit of good & evil, God would’ve eliminated Lucifer right there and then.

      While I agree with your statement in principle -- that this earth is the testing ground of the controversy between Christ and Satan, and that if humanity had remained loyal, Satan would eventually have been destroyed -- I have never seen a statement such as you refer to.

  5. I find this lesson very uplifting, encouraging and inspiring. We are living at the time when the world is surging up in knowledge and inventions. Everyone seems to be too busy for word of the Lord. The devil will have it thus. Its nowander so difficult to make a distinction between the world and the church. The Lord has been speaking and continues to speak to us even today that we should not forget Him. The past should be able to give us proper direction.
    Warnings after warning have been sounding to us.
    Have taken religion as one of those things? This, hangs our destine.
    1 Cor 10:11 says, "Now all these things happened as examples, and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have come."
    Let us rise up from our spiritual slumber! The Lord has been good to each one of us and is even now. While the door of mercy is still open, we must begin to make our wrongs right.Whether we like it or not, time will indeed come when His name will be great among all nations of the earth. His Supremancy will once and forever be recognized.
    My prayer is to be among those whom will be part and parcel His great Kingdom. I hope it is your prayer too.
    God richly bless us and wishing you all Happy Sabbath.


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