Monday: The Lord Is Coming

Read Zechariah 2.

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It records a vision in which the prophet is shown a renewed Jerusalem, so full of people that it overspreads its walls. It will attract countless Gentiles as well, a thought that must have sounded very strange to the people. Verse 10 begins with a call to joy, followed by the reason for such jubilation: the personal coming of the Lord to live among His people.

The Lord’s dramatic return to dwell in His rebuilt house is cause for praise for those who have returned from exile. Zion, the dwelling place of the great King, is called “Daughter of Zion,” a prophetic term of endearment. In view of its glorious prospect, Zion is invited to rejoice, because the Lord Himself will take care of its people. Anyone who touches God’s people touches the pupil of His own eye(vs. 8).

The prophet said that in the day of the Lord, many non-Hebrew nations will come and join themselves to the Lord’s covenant. God’s original plan was that the people of the surrounding nations would see how Israel’s service to the true God results in blessings and prosperity; thus, they would be led to join themselves to the Lord. In this way the remnant of Israel and the believing Gentiles would together become one people, in whose midst the Lord Himself dwells. This event would fulfill God’s promise to Abram and Sarah that through their posterity, all the nations of the world will be blessed (Gen. 12:1-3).

How was this prophecy to be fulfilled? (Rom. 15:9-18Eph. 3:1-8).

Through Zechariah’s prophecy, God promises not the destruction of the nations but their inclusion among God’s covenant people. The promised future is the result of God’s own initiative and was the longing of many biblical prophets. Jesus Christ commissioned His church to preach the good news to the whole world of the salvation that is to be found for everyone in Jesus, if they accept it for themselves. The apostle Paul called this plan of the Lord “the mystery hidden for long ages past” (Rom. 16:25, NIV).

How should our understanding of the universality of the gospel message, and the idea that it is for all humanity impact how we live; that is, how much of our lives, our time, and our thoughts are focused on reaching the world with the wonderful truths that we have been given?



Monday: The Lord Is Coming — 5 Comments

  1. I really appreciate the wax in wax off story.Non-Use of Muscles can cripple us physically and that's just what is happening to God's people spiritually. It made me think more about deepening my relationship with God. I just want to admonish us that worship in the house of God on the Sabbath day is also a command by God because He himself left His secular work and went to Church. Some folks think that they can stay home and watch 3ABN and believe it is obedience to that command. Even our brothers and sisters on 3ABN advise us that we ought not to do that but to go to church. I mean if you are ill that is perfectly alright to have something so good to look at on Sabbath.

    • "worship in the house of God on the Sabbath day is also a command by God"
      That thought is new in my thinking. Thanks for that.
      To participate and actively participate is a command!
      Futher on this, when participate we must strive to be worthy servants in word and deed.
      Not just to be activist. To be Servant of the Lord!
      It is heart breacking to see how we spent Preaching time on Pulpit on some presentations or some psihological stuff, there is so little of the preaching the Word of God in power of the Word.

  2. I need some help brethren. From this study, the writer says this prophecy of Zechariah is a future result of God's owm initiative and was the longing of many bibilical prophets. prior to this statement, the writer also says,the event of getting back to the promised land would fulfill God's promise to Abran and Sara through thier posterity, and all nations of the world will be blessed.
    Now, my concern is, did this happen were we are told that all nation flocked to the promised land-'Canan? If not, which means we have to do just as the Lord has promised, which is a future event. Isrealite we know from Scripture had entered the promised land, but did no leave according to the will of the Lord and as such were scatterd into gentile world unto this day. This Canan is here on earth and not in Heaven- meaning, if we have to return, its must be still here on earth, were all nations will flock there and God will be in their midst. Help please!

    • Hello Renford,
      I believe Paul answered your question when he wrote, "If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise." Gal 3:29

      All the promises to Abraham are fulfilled in and through Christ.

      After the 1000 years in heaven, the Bible tells us that the saints will return to earth and live here, with the New Jerusalem as its capital.


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