Martin Pröbstle Introduces “The Eschatalogical Day of Atonement”

This week’s introduction runs just over 8 minutes and would be great as a Sabbath School introductory video. You can see previous videos at the SanctuaryLesson Vimeo Channel. If you haven’t seen last week’s introduction, we suggest you view it before the current one, because the two videos together help to simplify what some see as a difficult subject.

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WEEK TEN | The Eschatological Day of Atonement” from Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen on Vimeo. (You can see previous videos by clicking on the Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen link.)

On mobile devices, the Youtube version may work better for you. It runs perfectly in the Android Youtube app:

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See previous episodes on The Youtube Bogichannel (also in German). Suggest using this as an introduction to the lesson study in a Sabbath School class.



Martin Pröbstle Introduces “The Eschatalogical Day of Atonement” — 3 Comments

  1. Today I rejoice that Jesus is coming. He justifies me so that I can live a sanctified life today. When He comes in glory to complete the restoration and put an end to sin, that will be a great day. I love the promise in Nahum 1:9 What do you imagine against the Lord? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time.

  2. I am so glad to hear and see the relevant to salvation teachings of Brother Probostle being presented. It is a wonderful concept that the Tamid of Daniel 8:13 is something grand: the continual ministry of our Heavenly High Priest. The Little Horn's attack against the continual High Priestly Ministry of Jesus makes the Little Horn appear to be the despicable power that he truly is, and calls forth Heaven's judgment and the climax of Earth's history. Rev 14:7-12.


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