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Mentoring Youth on Common Ground — 8 Comments

  1. This lesson hits me right between the eyes for i experienced nearly the same thing when i visited a SDA church crusade as a hippie 40 years ago. An elderly man who was a Leaper came to my rescue. He shared his story and told me that i had just experienced the beginning of many attacks that will be send my way as long as i remain faithful to the LORD JESUS whom i had just accepted as my Savior. By God's grace i am still holding on thanks to my late Broeder Eugene De Graven .

  2. Thank you, I've learnt a great lesson on hw, not to reach young people only, but everyone I hv a common ground with.

  3. Thanks for the nice wonderful stories that can really touch&reach the reality on spiritual walk with GOD,it's really true many will have experience lots of discouragement in our spiritual journey,it's not really about sansitivity of the person but honestly there are many unconverted hypocrite worshiping souls inside the church,if really give them enough attention in our spiritual journey many of us will really give up attending church,we hope this lesson gives us strength spiritually as we wait on JESUS return!

    • I can relate to that. To many pharisees and sadducees trying to keep the church traditions pure and very few born again, Christ like brothers and sisters from whom just enough Gods love and care is given to keep the amber of faith rekindle again.

  4. Carlos, Jesus was looking for you. How do I know? Luke 19:10 and Luke 15:6&7. God bless you and all your brothers in Christ. If we ask for the Holy Spirit for help, He will come to the aid of those that need help, to resist the attacks that are Satan's way of discouraging us.

  5. Okay, William, how do you know that Mary the mother of JESUS was a "young" teenage girl? Do you think GOD would choose a "young" teenager to be the mother of His Son? Did GOD tell you her age?

    • Hi Albert, I'm not William, but I do know that in the time of Christ, girls were married in their teens. So the very fact that Mary was not yet married, shows that she was in her teens. So it's not whether or not God would choose a teenager, but the fact that he did choose a teenage girl to be the mother of His Son. The "young" comes in with the modern perception that anyone in his/her teens is "young."

      Please keep in mind, that Moses was much younger when his mother had to give him up to Pharaoh's daughter. All his spiritual education was completed before that time. At the age of 12, Christ instructed the teachers in the temple because of what Mary and the Holy Spirit had taught him. Increasing age does not always make for increasing spiritual maturity, even though it probably should.

    • Albert, Inge's comment is correct. Did you click on the link I provided on the post where it said she was a teenage girl? It answers your question. Remember Albert, God nor the Bible condemn teenage pregnancy. They condemn sex outside of marriage at any age. The world tells us age is the issue when it comes to sex, while the Bible teaches us marriage is the issue. My grandmother, Ruth Holzkamper Kerr, was the daughter of Adventist missionaries(George T and Eva kerr) in Africa. She married at age 14 in 1923. Her first daughter married at age 15. So I am not sure why the idea of Mary being a teenage girl is so surprising when just in the last few decades people have started marrying later in life.


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