“Our Prophetic Message” Videos

martinpoebstle11Martin Pröbstle has another 8-minute introduction to this week’s lesson on Vimeo and on Youtube. If you’ve not seen the previous ones, we suggest you review them now at Sanctuary Lessons on Vimeo or on The Youtube Bogichannel (also in German). It will be a great review for a subject which we, as a church, have neglected far too long.

And you can watch the full hour-long, inter-active study of the lesson for the week by the Hope Sabbath School class led by Pastor Derek Morris on the HopeTV site. (Adobe Flash Player version.) Or you can download it as a MP4 file to watch later, and you can download lesson outlines here as well.

On mobile devices, you can watch the Hope Sabbath School on Youtube. You can bookmark the Hope Sabbath School Youtube Channel for reference.

At our house we feel really blessed to be able to enjoy the insights each week, and we pray that you will experience the same blessings.



“Our Prophetic Message” Videos — 3 Comments

  1. I could not agree with u more. we have been sleeping far too long the night spent. This is not our home but like the 10 virgins we all have been asleep.

  2. The Time of Disappointment: "The book of Daniel was supposed to be sealed until the end of time..." In light of Ezekiel 2:9 - 3:2, there should be a link to Rev 5:1. How do we associate Daniel 12:4-9 with Revelation 10:2 and exclude Ezekiel? Are the books in Daniel and Revelation the same? How different is the book of Revelation 10:2 from that of Ezekiel 2:9-3:3? In my mind, Revelation 10:2 is about the prophetic call of John the Revelator, which by application is an individual's call when he eats the book. Please correct me.

    Phillip Khumalo


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