Tuesday: Praying Together

Although Jesus often spent time alone in prayer, there were multiple occasions when He encouraged His closest disciples to pray with Him.

Image © Rolf Jansson from GoodSalt.com

Image © Rolf Jansson from GoodSalt.com

Peter, James, and John accompanied Jesus to the mount of transfiguration (Matt. 17:1-2). He urged them to unite with Him in praying in Gethsemane (Luke 22:39-46). There is unusual power in united prayer.

Carefully analyze Matthew 18:19-20. Summarize Jesus’ statement regarding united prayer?

“The promise is made on condition that the united prayers of God’s people are offered, and in answer to these prayers there may be expected a power greater than that which comes in answer to private prayer. The power given will be proportionate to the unity of the members and their love for God and for one another.”-Ellen G. White, The Central Advance, Feb. 25, 1903.

John Bunyan once commented, “You can do more than pray, after you have prayed, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed.”

As we enter into earnest and heartfelt intercession, the Holy Spirit powerfully works in miraculous ways through our united prayers.

Read Acts 12:1-16. What was Peter’s situation? What was the attitude of the church? What does this passage tell us about the power of united prayer?

No question, in this case Peter had a miraculous deliverance. It was so intense that Peter wasn’t even sure it was real, and that he wasn’t in a vision. Only afterward, did he realize what had happened. It’s important to note that these texts stated twice that people were praying together. Considering the tough circumstances, it is no wonder. There is no question that we should do the same, especially when we face challenges as a community, such as they did there.

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Tuesday: Praying Together — 25 Comments

  1. Praying with others is important and we should particularly listen when others are praying. Those are the times when we are the ears of God. When prayer becomes more than just the recitation of Christian pet phrases and part of the conversation of life, then we start to hear what God wants from us. Listen carefully to what others are saying because sometime those prayers are God speaking to us.

    Often when we pray we are more concerned about what we are going to say when it's my turn. How am I going to say something that is different to what everyone else is saying? Just maybe the reason that you are praying together is that God wants you to be a good listener.

  2. United prayers have the effect of more power,but before we get to this united prayer it is imparative that we set our hearts,mind and soul to praying so that our prayers are like insense before God. The church in Acts had one accord and God heard them.

    • I am not sure just what is meant about united prayer having more power. If we mean; more power to persuade God to do something, then I think we have missed the boat. I would like to think that the real power of praying together is that it unites us. God does not need persuading, but we need uniting. And if we pray together listening to others and God more than talking ourselves we will find ourselves being part of the answer to one another's prayers. That is the true power and spirit of prayer.

  3. while Peter was in prison, the church prayed. Often our fellow believers are imprisoned in sin by the evil one and what are we doing as a church? Are we praying or instead we are busy gossiping about them in other words standing on the side of the devil. Sin has diseased many of us and sadly the prominent members of the church are found in the worst of the situations, it is a call to us as individuals and as a church to be praying for our Peters who are in prison and God will work wonders that we can never explain.

  4. "Prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock Heaven's storehouse." At pentecost the praying church was united in expression of faith, I believe. Could I suggest that this unity still is the condition for the latter raining of the Holy Spirit?

    • I think both are ok, just close your eyes. But if you are driving, and you can't close your eyes, just say a quick prayer, out loud or silently, which ever one you choose. God bless you.

    • I used to think of prayer as kneeling with my eyes shut tight. I was a child when I was taught that and I can see that it made good sense - you shut out distractions, and you did not fall asleep like when you prayed after you got into bed. However now, I think of prayer as an ongoing continuing conversation with God. Position, disposition of eyes, spoken or thought, do not matter. Of course there are times when it is appropriate to kneel and pray aloud, but that is only one of many ways to pray.

      When I am communicating with my wife, I do not always need to talk - but I do need to listen. Same with God. Pray with your ears as well.

    • When you pray alone , its you and God in communion . This means if you shout to be heard by neighbours, thus a hypocrite way of prayer of which God does not like.

    • Concentration and attention is the mother of contention here!we need to listen to that still small voice of God through the prayer session,contemplating on every single word that we utter to our God. if this can be achieved silently, go for the silent prayer, if otherwise, why hesitate!

  5. I gladly welcome this idea of uniting in prayer especially, having learnt the awesome benefits that come with praying together. Though it is good I find it very difficult to accomplish in todays church because though we may meet to pray together, there's no real unity amongst us it is all fake and just a formality again the same people you're praying with are gossiping about you immediately after church people separate in groups and on their way home they're discussing about the people they were praying with. The one accord that the disciples had I don't see it in the church, even if you choose a friend to pray with he/she will spread your personal issues in the name of 'please pray for my friend so and so she's having this problem'. I really find it difficult to have prayer partners because people are unfaithful plus they don't share the same sentiments(feel for each other genuinely) at all even if its not a personal problem we are just not in unity over what we pray for,there is no deep longing as the disciples had.And by the way won't God give me what I want if I pray alone?

    • Hi Helen,
      I hear your concerns. Perhaps the key is to pray together for the issues that affect us all and to pray alone for issues that are ours alone. To pray with a prayer partner over very private matters means we have to prayerfully choose a partner that will keep confidence. These are not always available.

      And it may help to realize that prayer is not so much for the purpose of bringing God down to us to do for us what we want, but to bring us up to God to enable us to do what Godwants.

  6. Yes prayer is the only solution to our predicaments and the only remedy so we should keep on praying because Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer.prayer is the master key

  7. Prayer is the key to sucess.One major process through which we can communicate with God is prayer.As we continually pray,we will able to have acess with the Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit will therefore strengthen us.Also we need to pray together.Jesus orderd His disciples to pray together,the same as during the pentecost day,peter and the other discipls prayed for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

  8. Matthew 8:24
    Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping.

    We learn from this text :
    1. Jesus can sleep anywere - dont need good bed
    2. Jesus dont need silence to sleep
    3. Jesus dont wory about surviving storm
    4. Jesus dont have panic attact
    5. Jesus was tired, evidently

    To obtain church unity that is condition for super prayer of Latter rain, we need to silence our fears to direct adult prayer to Jesus: Help us! but without last part "You are sleeping!"
    If we dont reproach Jesus for His calmness we can know Him.

    Jesus was ready to die in that boat.

  9. This lesson moved me and was a great reminder of God's awesome power through collective prayers. Thank you Lord!!!

  10. IF my Lord and savior Prayed,and we are following HIM. HE IS MY PERFECT EXAMPLE.It's the way we communicate with God the Father. We have not because we don't ask.And when it is in HIS will we can be sure He will grant it.Sometime it's yes and sometime it"s no, but God always knows what Best.Jesus prayed thy will be done.Thats the attitude I try to have when I pray.Its not begging its staying humble before our creator.Because He is the true and Living GOD.

  11. I have seen the power of prayer from an individual, therefore am extremely confident in the power of corporate prayer, but I have a question. The Word says,"...and the wheat and tare shall grow together." Obviously, when we gather for corporate prayer, there are tare present, hence, the prayers that are going up ARE NOT of one accord. According to Acts, were not the people one-minded in prayer when the Lord increased the church? The 21-century church is so much more polluted than it was in the first century. What can we do to hear from heaven as we pray corporately for the condition of the church?

    • I think you ask a good question, Michelle. To me the answer for us may be in the shaking which is orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. Under that event the wheat and the tares will be separated and the real people of God will come together in unity of purpose. Their light will shine as it has never shined before.

      I also believe that the unity will happen through necessity not because of a denominational call to such a thing. I think the whole thing will be dynamic with the Holy Spirit in the middle of it all. To me it will be like Ellen White said concerning times of persecution:

      At times dark clouds surround God's people. It seems as if oppression and persecution would destroy them. But it is at such times they are given the most precious lessons. Christ often enters prisons, and reveals Himself to His chosen ones. He is with them at the stake. As in the darkest night the stars shine brightest, so the most brilliant beams of God's glory are revealed in the deepest gloom. The darker the sky, the clearer and more impressive are the rays of the Sun of Righteousness. {Signs of theTimes, March 22, 1905 par. 8}

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    praying as a group is more powerful, and telling sumbody your situation in prayer is fine and its gives us a great hope, don't mind what will happen jus put your trust in Jesus. don't mind wht pple would say jus do your business with God, couz when u always hear wht pple are saying, you would be sum where. and as Christian lets nt allow pride in ourself. lets strenghten each other with wht we are coming from, so dat God would be glorified

  13. Praying together build the sense of oneness! As a matter of fact that we are in fighting against those false(evil) authorities, by uniting together we gonna push the ball easily. The sense of praying together in otherway around, insist us to start with private prayer that is indirect push as you will feel to practise on praying by youself so as to create confidence enough to speak with your father of heaven within a group. It is also symbolise the sense of unselfishness.

  14. Hi Helen,your concerns are very true. There will no time when the church will unite. Remember what the Word says in Math 13. Wheat and Tares will grow together till harvest time. Inspiration says issues of revival and reformation should be entered alone.
    Perhaps some do not understand the need for revival and reformation or some perhaps regard going to church as a routine, just one of those times to to socialise. They do not understand that the destines of our lives is at stake.
    Read Review and Herald Feb 25 1902 par.8 to fully understand why the need of a revival and reformation.


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