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  1. By reading this post, I feel a step in my spiritual revival. Though it is not easy, let's pray for the spirit of God to give us powers to remember the preparation day for us to remember the SABBATH DAY and to keep it Holly in JESUS' Mighty Name

  2. Amen thanks for sharing. Preparation is very important. How will we enjoy Sabbath if we have not prepare especially our heart? W/o your tent you can't camp and over nite. Same as the preparation day. God is so understanding that He gv us time to prepare for the Sabbath and also time for us to get ready for His second coming.
    God bless all🌷

  3. This is true in order to have a successful Lords day or Sabbath you need to prepare,Thursday is it for me Friday too much of a rush,also refrain from making people work to so maybe they can Have the day off and go to church to. I have apologize to people for making the work on sundays.

  4. Hi pastor William be blessed for the wonderful message about preparation day. I remembered my mum who used to teach as about Sabbath keeping, on Fridays we used to state preparing from morning no going to the garden because the Sabbath was coming. From 5.30 cooking and cloths for the Sabbath were ready for the day. My prayer is that to remember the Sabbath and the coming of Jesus Christ Amen.
    Be blessed all.

  5. The three miracles on Sabbath.
    The special memories I have growing up in Jamaica as a child still lingers and oh how I missed those days. I'm from a big family my parent had nine siblings (including yours truly) and we were poor. In those days as vividly remembered my sweet Darling mother would prepare our dinner for Friday evening and the lunch for Sabbath would be separate. There were no ice box refrigerator if you please! My mother would cook Sabbath lunch and leave it in the outside kitchen and that food would be as fresh as it was just cook. Not to mention that it was cold and God preserved that food as He did kept that manna in the wilderness! She would bake two puddings, the larger one for our breakfast on Sabbath's and a smaller one for us to have after worship Friday evening. The smaller one was special because if after worship my older goes outside and do not find the small pudding his scope would be on the bigger one and that would spell trouble. He would come in the house and share that pudding with all of up. Mother was a darling! We would walk about 3 miles to church returned for lunch and then go back to church for MV meeting. (My mother would often calls is Young people's meeting) today it's AY. This was fun to us as children.(3) On a weekly basis we (as kids) would experience another miracle Jamaica which has tropical climate! Mangoes would when its in seasons (which to me was all years round). But there was this special mango tree that was always bearing. It so happened that on Sabbath when we were passing the tree in the morning as long as there's fruit on the tree they would appears green (not ideal for consuming. In fact we would not dare to climb that mango tree going to church mother would have "slay" us for soiling our clothes. And so we knew to walk circumspectly and pass the tree. Noticing the green mangoes. Upon returning from church for lunch a miracle would happen. We would each find ripe mangoes (thanks to my 2nd oldest brother).

    • Ripe mangoes are the perfect thirst quencher. I was on a hike one day in Montserrat (around the Soufrière Hills, which I believe no longer exist) and very thirsty, when I found a mango tree in the middle of nowhere filled with ripe mangoes. While I was up in the tree, I noticed a chameleon within arm's reach watching me eat mangoes. After my thirst was quenched, I bade it farewell as I climbed down the tree.

      Your story brought this event back to mind.

  6. What a blessingg to return to old time religion and instald the proper use of Friday as the preparation day for the holy sacred Sabbath.

    Bertram C. Lavalas PhD.
    Servant of Jesus

  7. today study was uplifting to my soul as a child sabbath preparation always started on thursday sitting aside time for the sabbath.GOD's day of rest,always i would prepare a special reading,song,what's most importing on the sabbath day is keeping it as God finger wrote his word to be kepted Ten commanments which is found in his Holy word first on the stones translated to the scholl also the Bible o,and i remember the Bible base ball card game my mother never forgot our recreration only game our parents taught us never to forget our farther ,the son,and the holy spirit which is the power with out it we can do nothing take our burdens to the LORD and leave them their and watch GOD change things my farhter GOD your grace and mercy has kept me you are good enough for me thank you farther.


  8. The effort my father put into making a special meal was amazing. But I didn't like coming back from school to a messy kitchen. Children from the neighbourhood would come and sing on Friday evenings. This part I enjoyed a lot and it enforced a special bond between my family and neighbourhood kids. It is these memories that encourage me to continue keeping the Sabbath. As parents, we ought to create memories and positive rituals that will keep our kids going in the faith.

  9. Happy Sabbath Bro. William! Thanks to you and fellow brethren for bringing back those earlier encounters. Thank God for the Sabbath! I look forward to Sabbath each week because my mind is at ease and even though sometimes some church activities does account for breaking the Sabbath. It's still the best day of the week for me. I recounted my childhood experience, growing up with my granny. Shoes were cleaned, clothing for church were laid out. We were very poor and so Sabbath lunch was light. Church was 8 miles away. At times we caught the 1st market bus and this would mean we were the 1st to get to church and most times the district was still asleep or we'd walk but still get there on before the doors were opened. Some of the songs are still my favorites and singing them back then as a child; I felt like God was soon to come. Just over the mountain in the promised land... They come from the East & West...Holy Day Jehovah Rest...and a few others. Just singing those songs made me feel that I was about to see God. There was more reverence then than now. No one was concerned about having lots of clothes and we sat quietly in church. There was no running & even small babies seem to understood the importance of stillness. The lessons were so pointed that I wish God would come quickly. From my recollections, the teachers deported themselves in such a way that when we were around them, we were orderly. Everyone looked like a christian. The attires we very modest and not even a babe or small child's arm was exposed. 95% of the women's head were covered and everyone walked with their bibles. Just sharing makes me emotional because I realized we have drifted so far from the mark. Although now I am grown and starts my preparation from Sunday & final bits on Friday, I realized that knowledge has increased but spirituality has declined. I miss those days & the fellowship. Our fellowship today isnt the same. We respected our leaders and the principle for which they stood. Lord bring me/us to the place where we/I first believed. Empower us with our first zeal!

    Happy Sabbath!


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