Tuesday: Principalities and Powers: Part 1

The Bible pictures our world as being under the dominion of evil forces seeking to control and to ultimately destroy us.

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The great controversy is, of course, the result of the Lord’s work against these powers. The great news is that, after the Cross, victory against them is assured, even though the battle continues to rage. The conflict is dramatic, cosmic, and fierce, but the victory belongs to God, a victory in which we can share by faith.

Study the following texts: 1 John 3:85:19John 12:3116:11Eph. 6:12Col. 1:162:15Rom. 8:38-39. What do these reveal to us about the reality of this battle? What great hope and promises are found in them for us?

Many people of the twenty-first century world function on the basis of a scientific worldview alone. This means that things are examined mainly from a naturalistic perspective, the only perspective that many believe to be valid. For these people, a world populated with evil forces and dominated by demonic hostile powers is predominantly viewed as a holdover from an age of superstition and ignorance. In contrast, the Bible presents, as part of the reality of our world, an array of hostile forces comprising demonic principalities and powers. Though the biblical worldview incorporates naturalistic and scientific concepts, it certainly doesn’t base all understanding of reality on them. The Bible’s view of the world is large enough to encompass both natural and supernatural worldviews.

In Romans 8:38, for instance, the word translated as principalities is the Greek archai, which could refer to civil rulers as well as to supernatural powers that attempt to exercise evil dominion over men. In Ephesians 6:12, the literal phrase the rulers of the darkness of this age could also be translated as world rulers of this darkness. Clearly Paul is referring to personal evil spirits, who exercise a degree of authority over the world. Compare the phrase prince of this world, describing Satan, in John 12:3114:3016:11. The personality of the devil was also clear to the revelator (Rev. 2:1012:10). − The SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 6, p. 1044.

How does the reality of the great controversy reveal itself in your own life? In what ways do you sense the struggle? What’s the only way to be defeated in this struggle when you have the promise of Christ’s victory in your behalf?

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Tuesday: Principalities and Powers: Part 1 — 17 Comments

  1. Indeed the powers of darkness are being revealed. We see this in our own homes where there are some blocks of following Christ as a family and allowing the little ones to know God the Father but just one who everybody looks up to as the father does not like to teach his own children the statues of life. However as praying mothers we keep our children in prayer and smear them with the blood that is suffiicient for every sinner. Amen

    • We see the powers of evil, not only in home where the father and/or mother are not being a godly example, but in every aspect of our lives. We see these powers reflected subtlety in the influences that attract people's attention and preoccupy their minds in such a way that they lose touch with what is important. Consider forms of entertainment. Consider workaholism. Even consider one of the most subtle of all deceptive powers, spending too much time in ministry related activities, while neglecting family.
      May The Lord help us be victorious! We are victorious when we join Jesus. His victory becomes our victory!

      • The war between good and evil been wagging even before we enter this world, and will continue until christ come. Yes victory over sin was won when christ give his life on the cross, but the old deciver wouldn't give up. His purpose is to distroy what christ made precious to him, us his children. If we remain loose and don't feed on te word of God we can be easily lead astray by satan suttle way. When he cant get you, he try to touch what is precious to you; your children if we not careful. Let being on our knees and God's word be our weapon

  2. That the devil and evil powers exist is real. I have seen it work and destroy lives. Our only security is in the blood stained banner of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

    • Amen,God is love and we can see is loving actions through our only savior Jesus Christ,may we remain in his umbrella as we wait Him deliver forever us Amen.

  3. "The great news is
    that, after the Cross, victory against
    them is assured, even though the
    battle continues to rage." Lets bear in mind that the battle was won long ago even before time began, and the cross just made it plain to mortal minds to comprehend. Gen 3:15 the seed shall crush the serpent`s head

  4. 1 John 3.8 "He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, nthat He might destroy the works of the devil"

    The devil has schemed to make human beings believe that he does not exist. Even in the church there are less and less sermons about sin and repentance. We hear more about encouragement but the best encouragement in this sinful word is to repent of our sin and be reconciled to God who gives us the strength to overcome the challenges of life

  5. Praise God that althought we are pressed down, we are not overcome. The battle is His to fight. The war has already been won on the cross. Coming from an African culture I see clearly the principalities at work, its a pity that most people just say its superstition when it actually is reality. But the emphasis is not on this defeated foes, its on God. Let's look to Him and keep our faith not doubting that He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. Amen.

  6. Sin is the destroyer of our society in which we live in the last days of earth history.Yes if we claim the promise of Christ and cling to His grace and surrender to His will we will overcome sin and cry out victory is ours victory today is ours.

  7. The only thing human have to do in order to overcome the prince is to accept the atoning sacrifice with great faith. And stop nailing jesus on the cross for second time by commiting sin. We should shune the devil and all his work, by then we will be saved.

  8. As we are studying today's lesson let us not forget that one-third of the heavenly host was cast down with Satan. There jobs are to work in behalf of the one that has caused them to be cast out also. We look at illness and dieases and we do not call them by their right name. They are demonic forces working to cause many to look to science then to look to Heaven and call upon Jesus. The great deception of the world has been that Satan shall cause humans to believe that he (Satan) doesn't exist. Therefore, God (Trinity) our Creator doesn't exist either.
    My prayer is for the Holy Spirit to continue to work thru everyone of us that has been called to share the truth in love as Christ has given us the responsibilty to do and to be as vigilent as the demons that are working against God and His heavenly angels for the salvation of all mankind. Let us not forget that we could be lost if we are not careful in doing the work. We need to pray for one another always and pray for our families and ourselves moment by moment. Time has already run out for the devil and the other demonic forces, but judgement is taking place right now for the world. Seek to pray and work as Jabez. AMEN

    • William, I certainly agree with you that the devil and his angels cause a lot of destruction but I am not too certain that most of the destruction is done through suggestions and temptations to man both corporately and individually. It seems to me that it is all too easy for us to blame all of our woes on the devil when in fact, a lot, if not most, are caused by our own dumb choices. For instance, in the US we have a lot of problems with heart disease which in most cases is a problem of lifestyle, not the environment. It is something that the devil tempts us with but we don't have to give in to it, we can stand our ground in the strength of Christ and resist the devil (James 4:7).

      Another example is famine. I always thought that famine was caused by natural or supernatural forces until many years ago when I saw a documentary that had quite a bit of proof that basically all famines are caused by man mostly through devastation caused by war or bad land management. These are caused mostly because of a selfish greed for more when we actually have enough as it is.

  9. This is the great controversy, Satan and his company fighting Jesus and his angels....Evil against good. One thing we are sure is that Jesus has already won the battle that is why we encouraged to grow in him daily. Every time we see the morning we ask him to enable us to do his work..take the gospel, preach his message and bring many to his kingdom. This is his work but being his company we need to get closer to him daily, when he comes let him take us to his kingdom.

    • Amen to that. We shouldn't be even an inch away from God, because the devil is eagerly waiting for that moment! Let us not get tired of kneeling in prayer; it is the only way that can keep us glued to God in prayers for all those who are failing due to problems of this world.

  10. Yes, we have victory over principalities and powers but do we have that intimate faith in JESUS whenever we face situations related to principalities and powers?

  11. With the victory won, by the faith of Jesus Christ, and among the gifts His Father bestowed upon Him and in which we share, as adopted brothers and sisters...is that gift of discernment by that same faith. Understanding then, the motives of the world and what is behind the behavior of man in the society of the world, we can empathize with the conflict of the ages. Being on element in His Plan of Salvation we are among the victorious, recognized by the Holy Spirit and the harvesting Angels.

  12. Yes we have victory in Jesus. The devil is kicking the last kicks of the dying horse. There direction of the kicks are spread everywhere such that if we come into contact with them, its death sentence also. On the other hand, the Power of Victory through our Savior is also strongly pulling us. We are caught in between the two forces. But the good news is that, results and effects of these forces are laid bare for all to see; a force for corruption and a force for purification. The million dollar question is, which force are you going to choose? This power of choice defines our destiny in the life hereafter.

    My prayer is that we make the right choice, one for purification. We have seen enough of the opposing force, depraved humanity, estranged relationships and nature also groans under weight of this force. Sadly, though, truthfully we are the battle ground of these forces. The great controversy is raging and the way of salvation is laid open to all who will choose to walk its path. Lord help us!


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