Sunday: The Prophet’s Appeal for Reformation

God often sent His prophets to lead Israel into revival. Reformation regularly accompanied these times of revival.

Image © Lars Justinen from

Image © Lars Justinen from

It is important to notice that even when God’s people drifted away from Him, they were still His chosen people. Again and again, He sent His messengers to guide them back. The examples of revival and reformation recorded in the Old Testament often have similar characteristics.

Revival and reformation occurred in the Old Testament when there was a renewed heart commitment to obey God’s will. When Israel “turned to its own way” and “everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judg. 21:25), God withdrew His blessing, and the nation faced disaster and defeat.

In one instance, when God’s people faced one of their greatest challenges-a battle with the Ammonites and Moabites-King Jehoshaphat showed remarkable spiritual leadership. Throughout the crisis, the king sought to keep the eyes of all Israel focused on the power of God (2 Chron. 20:12).

The king recognized a critical point in sustaining all revival and reformation. What earnest counsel did he give his people? What spiritual pattern do we discover here for revival and reformation?

Read 2 Chronicles 20:1-20 and summarize King Jehoshaphat’s instructions to Judah.

“God was the strength of Judah in this crisis, and He is the strength of His people today. We are not to trust in princes, or to set men in the place of God. We are to remember that human beings are fallible and erring, and that He who has all power is our strong tower of defense. In every emergency we are to feel that the battle is His. His resources are limitless, and apparent impossibilities will make the victory all the greater.”-Ellen G. White, Conflict and Courage, p. 217.

Jehoshaphat’s experience illustrates the essence of revival and reformation. He led Israel into a united time of fasting, praying, trusting, and obeying God.

How can you learn, in your own times of stress and challenges, to apply the spiritual principles revealed here? What is the only way to truly exercise faith?



Sunday: The Prophet’s Appeal for Reformation — 8 Comments

  1. Do you like this statement "In every emergency we are to feel that the battle is His. His resources are limitless" from EGW?
    Notice how she clearly writes "...we are to FEEL...", not '...we are to know...'. That is so clever. In an emergency we naturally become emotional, she is not steering us away from feeling the emotions, but steering us to the best type of emotion. Wow... to feel that what really is out of our control is in reality in His control.
    When we reach that type of an emotional state in every emergency situations that is out of our control than we can be assured that we are right with Him :-))

  2. All reformation will create change and it won't take place without pain or loss. It's interesting to see the SDA church encouraging reformation for when it takes place the church will not be same.

    Reformation will come from the bottom up not as a royal decree but as the vision of church members around the world. The path is unknown, but the destination is clear: our heavenly home.

  3. I like the picture of what Jehosaphat and the people did. In any crisis, each of us can do the same. God still hears and answers the prayers for help. Realizing that we are not able to do anything apart from God is the first step. Coming to Him and asking for help is next. Then, we can stand on His promises and focus our eyes of faith on Him to see what He will do! I have found that praying for help and lifting up songs of praise go together. When I remember His promises and sing songs about them, I am focussing on God and what He will do.

  4. [Thank you for your comment. Next time, please use your name as requested on our comment form. ]

    I like todays word. Simply just go back to God's word. Am going thru a challenge and after reading this just realized i have placed doctors first rather than my Saviour. If just back to worship pray and fasting to reclaim His promises.

    Thank You

  5. It so good to know that even when we stray or give in to temptation and feel unworthy of talking to GOD when we have sinned, that HE still regards us as HIS children. That is just so encouraging to please GOD and do HIS will and continue to serve and worship HIM. HE is so eager and willng and passionate to help us and save us that I just can't help but exclaim ... I Love YOU FATHER JESUS and HOLY SPIRIT!

  6. This is typically what revival can do do someone who is revived and rerformed. Your old-self of being self-centered or being self-sufficient is gone. All you being is fully dependant on the provisions of our Saviour. Jehoshaphat looked back at time when Israel thought was strong enough on her own and saw how she was always defeated without the aid of the Lord. He realised that the only safety is to lean on the ever lasting Arms. He met the condition upon which the Holy Spirit was able to be given for help. When we look at our past life before we came to know Christ and after he have known the goodness of the Lord, our lives are no longer the same. Our comfort and help is only from Him, the Creator, Sustainer and protector. When we have known this we do not want to let go of Him. We want Him always to be with.This also calls for deep faith- believing what the word of God says.... acknowledging that all His promises are True and Sure.

  7. Per the last question, for today, i think about Rev. 14:12 says, and as further promotes and "broken-down" by the late Pastor, Our Dearly departed, Leo Schreven, in using the verse Of The Savior where He denies those claiming to be his, that all the good church-going folks, all the good church-going folks, all the clergy, and miracle workers, that even they were. Blessed with the gift of healing and other such gifts, that only the true remnant, as confirmed by the foregoing verse. Will in-fact receive The KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AND NEW JERUSALEM As their portion. Oh yes!

  8. Hallo brethrens from all over the world. There is a striking statement in the case of Jehosephat ," still and see the salvation of God"! Don't you see statement of its own kind? It actually means that all we need to do is "surrender" or "give up". In other words, we are to show our indequacy and inefficiency thus rely on His intervention. The same applies with reformation.


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