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Reaching Across Burnt Bridges — 21 Comments

  1. Am so touched by the story of reaching across the bridge. I believe there is someone who is reading this, and I absolutely need more help because am one of the victims. I back slided and am ready to go back to where, I once belonged. Thanx

    • God bless you Peter, I am touched by you more than the story. I can feel even knees becoming stronger! Let's find our way back and return home, where we belong!

  2. Peter, you are always welcome back [home] remember the story of the Prodigal son, he indicated that he had enough of the worldly pleasure and went back home, and his father was more than overjoyed to see and receive him, on the other hand his blood brother was not. We will always find that, but remember that everyone in the church are not as Christ-like as they ought to be and does not exemplify God [we all need a Saviour], so go back, hold on to those who are receptive and trust in God, sing your praises to him, no matter what some may say, study God's word, and he will give you that warmth, joy and comfortable feeling which will enable you to serve him in spirit and in truth once again.

  3. I will be praying for your return and that someone from your "where I once belonged" will contact you. Maybe you could just go back and let God do the mending of the bridge.

  4. I must say in walking across repaired burnt bridges we must grow in Christ. We will be strengthened, advancing to Christian perfection, by strengthening others. "The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself." Proverbs 11:25. Like the waters in the great deep, we will keep in constant circulation, continually flowing back to our Source. I do believe that this as well as genuine love, is the secret to growing in Christ, and repairing burnt bridges.
    God Bless.

  5. Good day Dr. Lopez

    Could you explain to me the difference between the lost sheep, and those who are shaken out of church.

    Thank you
    Deborah Paige

    • Deborah, I'm not sure I know what you mean by shaken out of the church. If what you mean is that the shaken have left the truth because they have been offended, I believe that is no different than a lost sheep. Maybe they left on purpose rather than accidentally, but they still need to be loved and nurtured. They are still separated from Jesus who died for them. Jesus wants them in Heaven and we are the ones who need to demonstrate that.

  6. So grateful for the article. This subject has been on my mind for years. I want to start saving souls by starting with the lost sheep of Israel. Those members that have stopped coming. Many years ago the pastor divided the church into parishes and each elder was responsible for 10 families. We had them over for dinner and called when they were not in church. We were able to stop people from disappearing before they left and had people come back. Please pray for me I am at a new church and would like to start this program again and hope that the pastor and elders will see the importance of gathering the lost sheep first.

    • Gina, I love the idea you mentioned -- an elder who keeps in touch of 10 families. That kind of relationship building is so important and yet so very hard to do. I will pray that it works as well in your new church.

  7. Peter, you have been missed by God. I am sure the Holy Spirit has been calling you to return, don't hesitate. God is waiting for you with open arms. 🙂

  8. God sees everyone precious in his sight. Actually heaven was made for us. What else can we ask for? We just need to open our hearts to Jesus and our journey to heaven is assured.

  9. Burnt bridges are a human convention that what has been done cannot be undone. The only thing keeping us separate from Him is our false notion that the way back has been lost. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The way back to Him has always been open. All that it takes on our part is willingness to let Him back into the heart. Jesus, who called Lazarus back from the grave, can heal any relationship if we permit Him to. It is our own selfish pride that prevents His power from working in our lives.

    "The Savior is waiting to enter your heart
    Why don't you let Him come in?
    There's nothing in this world to keep you apart
    What is your answer to Him?

    Time after time
    He has waited before
    And now He is waiting again
    To see if you are willing
    To open the door
    Oh, how He wants to come in."

    • Ken, I believe that Lilliane's point was that we have a part to play in rebuilding the bridges that those who were formerly with us think they have burned.

      The song you quote is one that needs to have "skin on it." It needs to be demonstrated by flesh-and-blood human beings who are so close to Jesus that they can love as Jesus loves. He gave us the job of seeking the lost sheep as He did. He did not stay in His splendid heaven but came down to this grubby world to save us. In like manner He wants us to leave our comfort zone to bring back those who have wandered from the fold.

      It's a challenge for all of us.

  10. Wow! God is always gracious. I was just in a torn world we have such a college prayer group where most of the members have stopped attending the meetings because of the spirit of gossip and unlovelyness, they feel that they are more comfortable away from the group. This has helped me to prepare a sermon on how to repair the burnt bridge.

  11. Blessings Peter, I too wandered away and returned, apprehensive and fearful of how I might be recieved, and it was nothing as I percieved would happen. I was recieved with open arms, and been a blessing ever since.

  12. This is a thoughtful article which has really strengthen me but I want to know how do we approach a member who has been disfellowshiped or one who has been sanctioned from the church due to some behavior or circumstances, is it the same approach? Some members continue to come to church despite such situations but others stay away what do we do with such brethren?

  13. I thank God for the lesson of this quarter. I now understand what evangelism and witnessing mean. God is gloried by faithful reporting. Reclaiming former members is a special ministry.

  14. Praise God for Peter and others like him who are being moved by the Holy Spirit to get back into the Good Ship Zion. Having said that, it's my opinion that we have a steadily growing number of members who are infected by the "itching ear" syndrome--that is, they are indeed leaving the church because they no longer believe the truth as taught by the SDA Church. We so often think folk leave the church because of a hurt, etc. and that is often true. But what about all the former SDA pastors who are "out there" leading the sheep astray. We don't so often hear about that.


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