Sabbath: Reformation: The Outgrowth of Revival

Read for This Week’s Study2 Chron. 20:17-201 Cor. 6:19-20Rev. 2:1-6Rom. 1:16-17;Rev. 14:6-712.

gless09Memory Text: “For both He who sanctifies and those who are being sanctified are all of one, for which reason He is not ashamed to call them brethren” (Hebrews 2:11, NKJV).

Revival is an ongoing process. Daily our Lord invites us into the joy of His presence. Just as Israel was nourished by the manna that fell from heaven, Jesus spreads out a spiritual banquet for us every day. Daily our souls are nourished, our spirits refreshed, and our hearts revived as we kneel quietly before His throne, meditating upon His Word. True spiritual renewal leads to a change in our thought patterns, habits, and lifestyle; it’s what we call a “reformation.”

“You therefore, beloved, since you know this beforehand, beware lest you also fall from your own steadfastness, being led away with the error of the wicked; but grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever Amen” (2 Pet. 3:1718, NKJV). The term reformation simply refers to this “growing in grace”; it is allowing the Holy Spirit to align every aspect of our lives with God’s will. In those areas where we have drifted from obedience, revival reawakens our longings to please God. Reformation leads us to make the challenging choices to surrender anything that stands between us and Him.

Study this week’s lesson to prepare for Sabbath, August 31.



Sabbath: Reformation: The Outgrowth of Revival — 19 Comments

  1. True reformation is what brings us close to God and serve him without fear or doubt. It gives us the zeal, passion, and the enthusiasm to stand with our Saviour on our highs and lows. We will be able to let the holy spirit take full control of our lives and situations.

    • Everyday as the evil one continues to press darkness around our souls, it necessary for us to continue reforming daily so that the darkness does not accumulate around our souls, but the light of God continues to grow whilst we watch against self righteousness.

  2. Reformation of or our lives in totality is the work of the Holy Spirit. Thus I agree with the fact that reformation is the outgrowth of a genuine revival. I have experienced this in my work with the Lord. When I was a choir leader in the early 80s and 90s, I remember a song we used to sing:
    "Great change since I was born... I used to smoke cigar I smoke them no more, I used to eat all kinds of food now I eat them no more, and I used to abuse my body but I do that no more it's a great change since I was born".

    True revival reforms our lives with a change of character in the areas we have been struggling without the help of the holy spirit.

    • Oh yes Evans, and isn't that true. because that great change should make us want to take The LORD GOD AT HIS WORD huh? And You are right, with the "between-the-lines" message there, as i thought was being conveyed, that of--Taking THE LORD GOD AT HIS WORD and worship THE LORD GOD With that exclusive worship that HE Asks for do as Rev. 14:12 says. keeping (all) The COMMANDMENTS OF LORD GOD And The Testimony Of OUR LORD AND SAVIOR.

  3. The works of the Holy Spirit brings a change of moves us away from the status quo ( we used to do it this way) and takes us into a new experience with God. In my past experience, i used to believe that yesterday's experience was sufficient for me, but then i realized that if i have to to experience real power, i need to have a daily walk with Jesus. THERE IS NO SHORTCUT!!!!!

  4. all yes i like the definetion of reformation .devil have made sin to be very sweet to extent that its a challenge to move from. the moment we ask divine power to move from our sin and allow holy spirit to led us thus reformation will be taking place.

  5. True revival start with an individual, then spreads to the family, the church and finally the society at large. my question is what comes first Revival or reformation?

  6. True reformation brings about change in theories, habits, practices and all together brings a new re-organisation. Its not an improvement or modification of one's life, but a total transformation.
    Let us bear in mind that this can only happen when we, as individuals meet God's requiremnt- repentance, confession, humility and obedience to His Will.
    When we make the soil fertile, indeed the Holy Spirit will awaken our desire to do what is right. things that we once cherished in the flesh will be done away with and thereon we begin to grow in grace( SANCTIFICATION) till we reach the righteousness of Christ.
    This should be our desire. When Christ return to get His own, only those whose characters will be found to be having the character similar to that of Christ will be taken.
    May the Lord help us to do His will.

  7. Why do I contact this site every day? Certainly it's because you are my family from every corner of the world and I must say that I'm proud of you brethrens.
    Reading your articles reminds me of God's work that goes on round the world- may your work be rewarded.
    Now as touching the topic of discussion, it is evident that while revival is spiritual, reformation is the explicit show on the character change of the new man.We must be cautious lest we be deluded by a feigned change of behaviour .This obvious ia fake reformation.

  8. I agree that revival is the completely change of our character includes our customs and we are like Jesus character and it will renew our lifestyles. Then it will leads to reformation.

  9. "Revival and reformation are not some panacea to solve all of our spiritual problems. They are part of an ongoing faith journey." very striking. some waits for a phenomenal experience to start reforming themselves but God wants us to do it the moment we wake up in the morning and contemplate upon it every moment and ask the grace of God for forgiveness and strength before our repose.

    • if we will not allow the Holy Spirit to stay in our lives, then it's so hard for us to reform ourselves. We have to walk with God everyday for this is the only way that our character will be liked Him. Happy Sabbath everyone!

  10. In 2003 I weighed 110kg. I was fat and had problems. My back was in strife and I had difficulty in tying my shoe-laces. I had to hold my breath and tie this laces quickly, otherwise I had to come up for another few breaths before trying again. My doctor said to me, "Maurice lose weight ... and your problems will be solved!" So I went on a diet and lost 25kg of weight. It was terrific, I felt better, could breath while I tied up my shoe-laces, and my back stopped being an issue. But now I had a problem. I had finished my diet but I needed to retain my weight where it was. I could not go back to eating the same things I used to before I lost weight. The realisation came that the diet (good intelligent eating really) was not just to lose weight - it was the way I had to live from then on. Ten years later, I have retained my weight loss. I had to reform my eating and lifestyle forever. It was not just something to do to lose weight.

    If we want spiritual revival, it is not just something to do for a while until we have "revived" Like my weight-loss program, it has to become the norm. I have lived through spiritual revivals that have revved everyone up for a few weeks or months, and then everyone has gone back to the same way of life as before (or worse). True spiritual revival may not be quite as spectacular, but it has to last forever. It is a change in lifestyle. What do you think about that?

    • I think you are right Maurice. What you have said reminds me of the parable of the soils especially the stony ground soil (Mk 4:5,6). Perhaps the reason many revivals and accompanying reformations don't last is that it needs to be a settled commitment rather than an excited state of mind.

    • Hi maurice, What diet did it help loose weight ? What an example, I will use it in my teaching tools. Happy sabbath and blessings.

      • Hi Mike,

        The short answer was that I limited my intake of carbohydrates. While I was loosing weight I was very strict to the extent that potatoes and bread were "Sabbath Specials". I eat lots of fresh salads, limit the amount of fruit to about 4 pieces a day. I use the appetite suppressant effects of high protein foods such as tofu and unsalted nuts. I also got use to having smaller serving sizes. I also drink quite a bit of water 1.6 - 2litres a day. And I have a very good wife who supports me all the way. Without her support I would have failed miserably.

        That last one is a good point for spiritual revival as well. When we support one another it will encourage revival.


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