Sabbath: Christ’s Church and the Law

gless12-2014bRead for This Week’s Study: Gen. 2:16-3:7, Genesis 6, Genesis 12, Deut. 7:6-12, Gal. 3:6-16, Rev. 12:17, Rev. 14:6-12.

Memory Text: Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus (Revelation 14:12, NKJV).

In a relay-race, a team usually consists of four runners. Team members may have competed against each other at another time but now, as a part of the same team, they must learn to think as one. In the race itself, the length of the course is equally divided between the participants. One team member alone can race at any given time?the one who is holding the baton. The baton is skillfully passed from one team member to the next until the race is finished. In a sense, the baton is the only symbol of continuity among the members of the relay team.

God’s church is something like a relay team. Starting with Adam in the garden, the baton has been passed through several phases of salvation history: from Noah to Abraham to Sinai to the New Testament church to the Reformation church, and now to those who proclaim the three angels’ messages.

The symbol of continuity for God’s church is His law, which, after the Fall, must always be coupled with God’s saving grace. Together, both are the essence of the gospel.

This week’s lesson traces the continuity of the law (and grace) in God’s church through the ages.

*Study this week’s lesson to prepare for Sabbath, June 21.



Sabbath: Christ’s Church and the Law — 5 Comments

  1. A very good message in it to ponder. While passing the baton (God's message) to others, we, too ourselves have studied and investigated it we will study and learn more by digging it (message in the Word) like hidden treasures. Because while God is gathering the wheat Satan also is putting tares and our time is short.

    God is love. His law is Love. He clothed us with His love to carry us through even the very hard trials in this world. He is preparing us for the "great and dreadful day of the Lord". Because the Scripture says, every winds of doctrines will be blowing.

    God is Love. His wrath also is sure.

  2. The Father consulted His Son in regard to at once carrying out their purpose to make man to inhabit the earth. He would place man upon probation to test his loyalty before he could be rendered eternally secure. If he endured the test wherewith God saw fit to prove him, he should eventually be equal with the angels. He was to have the favor of God, and he was to converse with angels, and they with him. He did not see fit to place them beyond the power of disobedience. {EG White, Story of Redemption 19.2}
    God is love, and that being His character, He cannot deny Himself nor change (2 Tim 2.11,12; Heb 13.8). I love the fact that God gave man a free will and devised a plan of redemption lest man should choose the wrong side. AMAZING GRACE!!!

  3. Man was given a free choice they choose to disobey God and through the age we did not learn from others mistake we fall in the same trap ,choose to rather than God

  4. The relay-race really gives us a greater insight on how firm we are to hold on to the Law of Love, just like the baton to pass it on.
    This is amazing!

  5. The race is a turf one and would only be won by genuine believers in Christ. Before one could pass a baton, he or her must have portrayed right and convincing image to the receiver.


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