So…Is The Second Coming Still On?

As Seventh-day Adventists celebrates over 150 years of our name, one important question comes to mind, concerning our name. The “Advent” part pertaining to the Second Coming. Is the Second Coming still on? Are we still planning on it? Is it still a part of who we are?

Growing up as a Seventh-day Adventist I remember hearing people talk about how Jesus was surely coming in the next five years. We thought for sure the oil crisis in the 70’s was the end of the world. I still remember looking at the form the Tulsa Roughnecks Soccer team sent me when I was a teen, asking me to renew my season tickets for the 1980 season. You are going to laugh at me, but I stared at that form in disbelief that I actually saw the year 1980 in print. There is no way the world will last that long I thought. Well that was 32 years ago and we are in a totally new century. So what happened to the Second Coming? Is it still on?

In the mid ‘80s I joined a new Adventist church in the suburbs. I had just started dating a girl who went to that church; so I  switched from the larger Adventist church I was in to her church. We just started dating when she dumped me. Oh well, I still stayed at this new church for the simple reason that I did not want people to think I changed churches just for her. Besides, this church seemed to really be on fire. The weekly prayer meetings were very spiritual, and everyone was praying for the power of the Holy Spirit to prepare them for the Second Coming. We had about as many people attending prayer meeting as attended our Sabbath worship services. We were sure Jesus was coming soon, and we were getting ready.

Then something sad happened. People stopped coming to prayer meeting. Some decided “Growing Pains” was just too funny of a show to miss for prayer meeting. People stopped coming to church altogether. This was not supposed to happen! Discouraged, I asked God why He did not come back when our church was at its spiritual peak, when we had it all together. He waited too long, and now look what happened. I believe the Holy Spirit revealed to me why Jesus did not return when the church was on top of its game. Our church was on a spiritual roller coaster. Jesus is not coming back for a church on a spiritual roller coaster. He is not coming back for a people who walk with him off and on. A groom does not want to marry a bride whose love and devotion goes in cycles. Neither does Jesus.

Enoch walked with God many years before being translated. God will come back for a church who will consistently walk with Him year after year after year, and not on some roller coaster. The church is like a woman. For centuries God’s church has loved to flirt with Him, but it also loves to flirt with the world. God’s church likes to date Jesus, but it also likes to date other things too. Jesus is not returning for a date; He is returning for a wedding. When God’s church decides to stop dating and flirting with Jesus and decides to get married, He will return.

During this same time period our suburban church was also asking the Holy Spirit to get sin out of our lives so we could be ready for Jesus to come. We did not –  or at least I did not – realize how legalistic that was. Jesus is not coming back for a legalistic group who get their act together so they can have some great reward like heaven. Jesus is coming back for a people who love Him because He first loved them. Today I ask the Holy Spirit to remove sin from my life, not because Jesus is coming back, but because my sin breaks God’s heart. I do not want to break His heart any more, regardless if He is coming back tomorrow or a hundred years from now.

Now that I am older I don’t hear people talking about Jesus coming back in the next five years. So is the whole thing off?

One of Satan’s best weapons are over-zealous religious fanatics. They tell people Jesus is coming back during a certain time table, and then when their “prophecy” fails, people  doubt that Jesus is coming back at all. However this is all Satan’s plan. To get us to give up right before it happens. Concentration camp survivors say they survived because they never set a date for their rescue. Some wanted to be rescued by Christmas, and then when that came and went, they wanted to be rescued by Easter, and then when Easter came and went, they gave up hope. Others just knew that they would be rescued some day, and they survived.

As Seventh-day Adventists we must believe Jesus is returning, without setting dates. Some have gone to the other extreme now and don’t even preach the Second Coming at all. They preach social sermons which they find more practical in everyday living. While we must be practical, we must also realize that God formed our church over 150 years ago for a specific reason.

Are we embarrassed by our message? I am sure the disciples were embarrassed when Jesus was crucified, but there was no reason for them to be. Are we afraid people will not believe our message, so we just preach things we know the world will accept? If so, shame on us! We are doing our Savior and neighbor no justice by hiding our special message.

The Seventh-day Adventist church has a message that will more than prepare people to live nice little lives in this world. We have a gospel that will prepare people for the world to come! We must let everyone know the Second Coming is still on!

There are twice as many prophecies about the Second Coming than there were about Jesus’ first advent. He came the first time, so we know beyond a shadow of a doubt He is coming the second time. Jesus warns against setting times for His return when He tells us, “ in the hour you think not, the Son of man cometh.” Satan has been using religious fanatics for years to get us all excited and then disappointed that He has not returned. Satan wants us to give up and think Jesus is not returning at all. There is great danger in what I was always hearing growing up – about Jesus coming in the next five years – because it does two things: It makes us give up hope when He does not return in those five years, and it also makes us think we have five years to prepare. One day we won’t have five years to prepare. We won’t have one year to prepare. In the hour we think not, He will come!

Don’t get ready, be ready! Be ready, not because He is coming back but because we love Him because He first loved us! The Adventist church – the church that believes the Bible prophecies about the Second Coming – has a reason to exist! If we just preach social day-by-day sermons that you can hear anywhere else, then we are not fulfilling our purpose for coming into existence over 150 years ago.  A true Adventist more than believes Jesus is coming. We love His appearing! We have a message to give to world and the people of the world are hungry for our message. We need to tell them that Jesus is coming back. Jesus loves them and wants to be with them forever!

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About William Earnhardt

William Earnhardt has been a Bible Worker, literature evangelist and lay pastor in Oklahoma and Texas, before coming to the Tampa Bay area, where he has been a Bible instructor and lay pastor for the past 11 years. He has also held revivals and evangelism seminars, as well as soul winning workshops from Peru to Connecticut. You can find William's study guides and devotionals at


So…Is The Second Coming Still On? — 34 Comments

    • Since I joined Kabete SDA it has been the source of my spiritual strength. Am a bit shy because I don't know who sees this but if assured whatever testimony I can give here can reach many people then I will not think twice but to tell the would where God took me from and where I am now (thank you to every member of kabete SDA church may the Holly Spirit guide you all the days of your life without forgetting our beloved pastor Geoffrey Wanyoike of kangemi District) your response will decide whether I can give my testimony here. Happy Sabbath brother and sister.

      • I am sure my seeing this site today is not by mistake, thank you william and I wish many people could read this message, we need to stand up for our Christ by spreading His good news. stay blessed.

  1. I totally agree, many Adventist seem to have forgotten the reason we exist. It is time for us to stop playing church and start winning souls for Christ. The very reason that the second coming has not happened is because we have become lazy and opinionated. We seem to care more about criticizing our brothers and sisters than spreading Gods word. God by no means is happy with this. I pray that we as a church will one day awaken and join together, love each other as God loves us, unconditionally spreading Gods word so we can go home.

    • The SDA where am one of them must preach the true gospel and mostly the three angel’s message and the testimony of Jesus Christ and tell people about the second coming of God.

  2. I just happened to be on this site trying to read my sabbath school beacuse I have given mine to somebody and to be honest I have fallen in love with this website that I read everyday at work. Keep the good work of the Lord up. I also hope all our fellow adventist will realize the time we are in and stop pointing fingers and do the right thing by preaching and protraying the life and second coming of our Redeemer, because He's really coming.

    • Ruth I agree with you and love this site so much too! Too be honest I don't remember the last time I read a hard copy of the Sabbath School lesson quarterly. Reading online is so much fun! Whenever people are out of town and miss getting their quarterly at church, I tell them about this site. So many useful resources as well! This site is truly a Godsend!

  3. Thats powerful. Please William, people like you should assist young pasters not to loose this massage of hope. Its what the world needs today, please lets share.

  4. Thank you for reading.
    That's good to hear about the second coming. But I think we should not emphasize it too much -more than it could be trustworthy for others. even if it is the main hope of people at all.
    Maybe that's the one reason that people lose their faith in Jesus' second coming and are becoming indifferent. Just my opinion. Maybe I am wrong. It is my supposition.
    I still believe in this hope maybe in this time of the crisis I realize it more and more. It's the truth and it doesn't depend on the name of our church.

  5. I am stunned to see such a warm article. Because this understanding of Jesus is rare. You hit it right on! When I was 32 years old I heard a similar message. I left my worldly ways and was wide eyed for about 3 years. Why didn't it last? I too thought the latter rain would fall and the end would finally come. That was almost 20 years ago. What I failed to realize was that, the message was calling me to trust in Him more. That He wanted to come closer. I missed that. So I left again. I had issues. But I always spoke to the Lord and told Him when I understood how much He really loved me and wanted me to join Him just the way I was ( filthy rags and all ) I would come home to Him someday. Well, that day came. My life had reached a place where I so hungered for peace...then I heard Him whispering to me that He loved me deeply and for me to come and sit at His feet. To rest in His ability to take the helm of my life and love me unconditionally. I gave Him my heart and told Him I never want to leave Him again. I never want to hurt Him and play games with His heart. So here I am almost 4 years since that rededication and folks I am seeing so many miracles in my life. Prayer is the first thing I do in the morning when I begin to wake up. I tell Him to anoint me and give me the desire to serve Him. And, to give me wisdom to lead others. The Lord has brought many people into my life and He is teaching me how to love ( agape ) each, one at a time.

    I see in this article the 1888 message of Christ our Righteousness come into fruition. This article made my heart so glad to see that someone else wants to be married to Jesus. My focus is on Him. Or more so I see how He is so focused on and Him. And of course His beloved church too. Movies, fancy clothes, getting rich, are no longer my objectives of every day living. Staying close to Him and studing His word is. My loins are girded about with truth and protected with the breastplate of Righteousness. (Jesus is my shield with His perfect life.) My feet are ready to spread the good news of peace, (we can tell our neighbor that their sins are forgiven now. ("While we were yet His enemies Christ died for us").The Shield of Faith ( satan cannot take away our joy when we our experience in Jesus is strong. also (believe Jesus and take Him at Word. He says I will be with you. Active love of God).Put on the Helmet of salvation (protected with the knowledge of the victory of Christ’s life and death and resurrection. (Yes I'm saved daily by dying daily with all of our weaknesses). And finally the Sword...the knowledge of Jesus. Knowing Him intimately will keep us from falling.

    Praise the Lord, for His goodness endures forever. God bless William for your words of encouragement. May the peace of Christ be with you all.
    Denise H'

  6. I am so blessed and moved by the testimonies of both William and Denise. How wonderful our Lord is and His ways past understanding!! And yet He calls us ' Come now, let us reason together...' Isaiah 1:18 He is patient and longsuffering with us taking us on a spiritual journey that affirms and confirms His very character in our lives. As SDAs let us forever seek Him with 'prayer and petition, praying at all times in the Spirit, and watching to this same thing with all perseverance and petition concerning all the Saints' Romans 6:18 Let us pray for one another and with each other. He is faithful, and yes He is coming soon!

  7. Willie this is awesome, thanx bro. The second coming is not supposed to frighten us but rather make us yearn for it. The world's full of problems and we need some lovely warm place like Heaven where they'll be no sorrow but singing. I long to be there with my family and friends.
    P/S: I was requesting if there were more (in detail) lessons about the second coming and some prophecy teaching, it would be helpful to me or somebody else who'd like to be taught on the same. May God bless His people amd prepare us all for the Second coming because its REAL...
    God bless you William!

    • Rose, there is a wealth of information on any subject by clicking on “Resources” on the menu which will bring up a submenu list of four items. The two that probably would be most helpful to you are “Bible Study Center” and “Links.”

  8. I wanted to look at the new CQ lessons when I came across this awesome read, and the message is clear. I believe in His return! William I thank you for this! It really helped me in my sabbath school study NOW I have ideas to share with my mates tomorrow!!

  9. I agree mostly with this article.

    I think, too, that rampant sensationalism has really damaged the Second Coming in our church. The discussion has sometimes been waylaid by "pseudo" time setting and papacy watching and lately conspiracy theorizing.
    We have also been stuck with the "get ready or you'll burn" perversion of the gospel.
    Our message, that is, has largely been couched in the language of fear for a very long time. We are now reaping the fruits of that- apathy and resignation.

    When it stops being about us and becomes about God and His character, then I think we'll have a message to share that will bring people home for God and hasten His coming.

    The problem is, in my humble opinion, that we have become enamoured with our being peculiar on the one hand, which has made church members zone out on the other hand; as this has no intrinsic redeeming value.

    As EGW pointed out, we have had great difficulty making Jesus the center.

  10. We had a similar discussion today in Sabbath School; are we growing complacent, comfortable in our daily routine and knowledge that Jesus is coming back SOME day.
    I too grew up SDA, in SDA schools, learning that Jesus is coming back soon. While I didn't hear a specific time frame referenced, I did have a sense of urgency to be ready.

    Now, 30-40 years later, I sense we are lukewarm in the nearness our 'advent' belief. Someone said just today, "The disciples thought 2000 years ago that Jesus was coming again soon, and here we are still waiting."
    True. But given our human life expectancy and many of us with more years in our past than are likely left in our future, isn't Jesus coming SOON? Or forget about life expectancy, what about the certainty of uncertainties? We do not know that today or tomorrow or next week isn't the end for us. In that case, wouldn't He becoming VERY SOON?
    Jesus has been and still is coming soon. Very soon.
    I especially like the author's comment about not getting ready but BEING ready.
    I pray that as we wait for Christ's promised return, we ARE ready, and we never trust that because He has not come yet we have time to GET ready.

  11. The time of the actual second coming is irrelevant, really; we need to be ready every day to meet God face to face. Surrendered and willing.

  12. I was raised in a protestant church, my father was one of the leaders there, one of his favorite topics were, "BE ready, not getting Ready". That was over thirty years ago now to me it seems like yesterday because the reality of Christ coming is so real and so present, I can't help but to say thank you William for allowing the Lord to use you in such a marvellous way in shedding the light on this matter, I am truly blessed.

  13. I have to be openly honest with these facts: I am 65 years old and a baptized SDA since I was 20 years old. I first received the news of Christ's Second coming at the early age of twelve. The message to me then was so convicting that I "knew" I was going to see Jesus come before I left the tent(evangelistice services held there). I was literally frightened into accepting this priceless message because I knew that I was not ready and the "fires of Hell" awaited me. I was only prevented from being baptized because my folks were hardcore Southern Baptists and felt that their faith should be mine(baptized at ten).
    Since Christianity is a growing experience, I have learned so much more about our Saviour and His great love and sacrifice for humanity, so much more that I was rebaptized as a result of attending our last camp meeting.
    Selfishness motivated me think that maybe, Jesus would let me get married and have children before He would return. Now grandchildren are here and Christ has still not returned. Because the Holy Spirit is my Teacher, I realize that it is not my privilige to guess or to know the date of His appearing. When we pit our puny time periods against His infinite time periods, we utterly and abjectly fail. This Bible text comes to mind, "A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night. Psalm 90:4." Of utmost importance is to be ready minute by minute because surviving through today is not promised to any of us. If any of us who are in Christ Jesus moment by moment and we are taken today, then His Second Coming is today. However, one absolute grave and sobering fact remains, if He doesn't come during our expectancy, we all will surely die. So be ready to meet Him.

  14. This site is my daily reading Mon - Fri on my breaks at work. I enjoy reading all the comments, and today I just wanted to thank all for their encouraging comments. God Bless! Aloha..

  15. I feel encouraged by the comments... We should be ready to meet our Lord Jesus. He is coming sooner than we think (Revelation 22:7, Rev. 22:12) God bless us as we wait for His appearing.

  16. I would like to share with you a dream I experienced about 3 weeks ago. I saw a great earthquake. The entire crust of the earth was torn apart. I could actually see each layer of the earth. I saw myself in a house and the walls were collapsing. I looked to the wall on my left and a car was coming through the wall. It was a convertible with 4 passengers and I will never forget the look of horror on their faces. The earthquakes keep coming in sequence. I could hear myself saying "this is a massive earthquake and I've seen where the tremors that followed are massive earthquakes as well. Then, I saw myself on a beach. I turned to my right and I saw a vast ocean. However, when I turned back to look at the earth. It was all barren. There was not one tree or house standing. There was no signs of life. I could hear myself saying "it's all barren". Just before I awoke, I heard a voice say "It's around the corner, you need to tell the people"
    This is the second dream I have experience as related to Christ's return. The previous one was last summer. It was a mere glimpse of the entire sky filled with Christ returning, the angels and I could see a great city. I could also see people being caught up.
    I don't dream very often, because I never allow myself to experience that stage of sleep called REM, a deep sleep where dreams occur.
    Each dream was very vivid and each time it left me in tears. I have shared my dreams and with my family and friends. Now, I'm sharing it with you.
    I have asked myself why God have given me these dreams. I feel I'm not worthy. Yet, I know I have a work to do. It starts with me and it will end with me. I will be held accountable for not telling others about Christ and His soon return. I ask for your prayers in my journey to tell others about our Lord and Savior.

  17. Hello William,

    Thank you for your insight and further enlightenment of God's Word. I especially appreciate the emphasizing of the Good News of the Gospel,! this being central to our salvation and that of our loved ones and those that the Holy Spirit places before us in our daily witness.

    I also would like to add to your timely share of the 3 Angels Message, from Revelation 1:17-18; " not be afraid; I am the first and the last. 18 I am He that lives, was dead, and behold, I am forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys to hades and death."

    Praise The Lord for He lives and because He does, and we believe in Him, we live! Hallelujah! I especially appreciate the further reinforcement of Jesus telling us not to be afraid because He holds the key to hades and death. The devil no longer has claim over us, Jesus is victorious over death, forever!, and He did for His love for His children; you, me and our loved strings attached!!

  18. Didn't EGW say also that if we "get our act together" that it will make God come sooner? I think it's presumptuous to assume we can control when that happens. We don't see or know everything God knows.

  19. I really recieved a lot from this message, as I have been praying daily for Christ to help me be ready for His return. I now see that being ready should be a token of love to Him and not something that will get me into Heaven. I know that I love the Lord and will be ready to witness, tithe, and live as He did, rather than continue sinning and asking Him to help me be ready for His return. Thank you for this message.


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