Sunday: Stewardship

When we think about salvation translating into service to others, we cannot avoid the Christian concept of stewardship.

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The Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia defines ‘stewardship’ as “the responsibility of God’s people for, and use of, everything entrusted to them by God – life, physical being, time, talents and abilities, material possessions, opportunities to be of service to others, and their knowledge of truth.”

Look at the following passages. With each one ask yourself, Given my particular circumstances, how can I manifest in my own life the wonderful principles taught in these texts? How should these truths impact the way I live and how I relate to others, to God, and to the gifts that He has given me? Deut. 8:11-17

Ps. 24:1

Phil. 2:3-4

1 John 3:16

The Bible teaches that the fundamental purpose for all of God’s creation is to glorify Him. Sin has derailed this reality in a very big way, but God directed His saving action toward us in order to bring us back to participate with all creation in the glorifying of God. Christ has purchased us for the sake of God’s glory (Eph. 1:11-14). It is as we acknowledge in both word and deed the complete lordship of Christ over our lives that we bring glory to God. The complete expression of Christ’s lordship over our lives will involve our service to others through the use of our time, talents, abilities, and material possessions.

Read again the texts for today. Which ones touch you the most, and why? What motivates you to try to live a life that involves seeking the good of others, as well as your own? Why is it so important for yourself, spiritually, to live for others?

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