Sunday: Jesus and the Bible

Because Jesus is the example for all believers, His level of commitment to Scripture becomes more than a matter of passing interest.

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Image © Darrel Tank from

Read Luke 4:1-12 and 16-21. What do these passages suggest about Christ’s attitude toward the Bible?

The narrative of Christ’s wilderness temptations shows that, by quoting Scripture, Jesus rebuffed every satanic challenge and invitation. The scrolls were not likely available to Christ during this forty-day desert sojourn. This clearly indicates that Christ had committed substantial portions of Scripture to memory. While the Scriptures quoted in the wilderness were taken from the writings of Moses, Jesus elsewhere quotes from the other parts of the Hebrew Scriptures (Matt. 21:42, 22:44). Clearly, Christ had a widespread knowledge of Scripture.

Notice, however, that Christ understands that the Scriptures are more than just a tool for overcoming temptation and achieving personal holiness. Jesus recognizes that Scripture points to Him. During the synagogue visit recorded in Luke 4:16-30, Jesus quotes Isaiah then declares that this text points to Himself as the One anointed to release the oppressed and proclaim freedom. Jesus understood that He fulfilled Messianic prophecy. Thus, Jesus not only understood that the Bible pointed to Him, but early on in His ministry He used the Bible to point others to Him, as well.

Though it’s important to know the Bible, that alone isn’t enough. Some of the biggest-name Bible scholars have not even been believing Christians. Thus, we need to ask ourselves, How can we make sure that our study and reading of the Bible helps us to come to a better knowledge of Jesus and that which He had done for us? That is, how can we make Bible study something that transforms our lives?




Sunday: Jesus and the Bible — 6 Comments

  1. The Bible with all its prophecies, doctrines, reproofs, instructions and counsels, has as its highest purpose to concentrate the mind on Jesus and direct the attention to things above (Colossians 3:1-4). The unequivocal primary message is "Behold the Man," behold our God!

    In pratical terms what does it mean to keep our eyes on Jesus and dwell on Him? Of course this is not saying steer at a graphic artist's impression of the Master or engage in repetitive chants of His name in some form of meditation, although some believers might do this.

    To fix the mind on Jesus is to live a life pleasing to Him, by His enabling power. This means more than just doing some good (to others) and avoiding some harm. Humanists, who have little or no regard for God may do this. Honoring the Creator is the joy of the faithful. Maintaining a right attitude in observing all things (Matthew 28:20), and not just what seems pleasing, is the disciples' pleasure.

  2. Jesus is the bible himself, the word became flesh and dwelt amongst us, studying the scriptures ,to believe and obey is like taking Jesus into our life,that is why the devil lives inside the churches in this time to distract people from studying or teaching the bible , rather they occupy themselves with the hearing , reading of man-made theories and philosophies , they call themselves motivational preachers.

  3. Not only some of the biggest name Bible scholars do not get the benefit in studying the Bible, but look at the Christian world. We have only one God who revealed himself in one Bible but we do not agree with each other about the truths in the Bible as evidenced by the so many different denominations we have. Though Mrs White said that the greater number of His children are scattered in different Protestant Churches, of those who do Bible study, still there are more who are lost than those who find the truth, in spite of the fact that we all start Bible study with a prayer. (Is it because our prayer failed?)

    I think humility to accept the truth, specially those that correct our wrongs, is one thing we need so that Bible study will lead to the transformation of our lives.

  4. In the Holy Place in the sanctuary there are three pieces of furniture. The three temptations of Jesus match the three pieces of furniture:
    1. The Table of Show Bread: Jesus is the bread of life John 6:35
    And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.
    2. The Altar of Incense: Jesus was asked to offer a presumptuous prayer to God to save hurting himself. If He threw himself down He would have to ask God to save Him. You should not test the Lord your God to protect you when you put yourself in danger.

    3. The Seven Branched Candle Stick: Jesus is the Light of the world. As God’s people we are to reflect that light to the world. Jesus was asked to bow in exchange for the glory of this world. Jesus came for his people, Satan said bow to me and I will give you these people.
    In Satan’s temptation’s he was also attacking the Sanctuary. Jesus over came all three temptations. We are to follow this pattern also, study the word, pray, and be a light. I learned these truths from Ivor Myers sermon called “The Blue Print”

  5. Notice the caution in the memory verse ''STUDY THE SCRIPTURES''. When you read the bible just like any other books you will not be illuminated by the spirit but when you heed the advice that say study and you study then you are a step closer to eternal life.

  6. The book of Acts 8vs30_3 brought a question ,"do you understand what you are reading?". " How can I understand without an interpreter?" Was the answer. We need theHoly spirit whenever we open the scriptures we will neverunderstand the massages in our raw state regardless ones level of education. In Luke the empasized Jesus full of the spirit opened The book, though he is God but the department of annointment had to take over then what we read makes reason. If we don't invite Him scriptures becomes like any other book


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