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Sunday: Our High Priest — 5 Comments

  1. I think that there is no other Priesthood in heaven it is the only One, the priesthood of the King of Justice in such kingdom the justice is the first stone of His government so Jesus always was the first Priest in heaven and He was who met to Abraham on the way to his home.
    As Jesus was the first Priest in heaven, when He returned to heaven after His resurrection, He continues in the same charge that for short time left in heaven while He was in this earth.

  2. Meditating on the fact that God loved us so much that he designed such a perfect plan to save us has overwhelmed with such love for A God that loves me, us that much.

  3. The lesson alludes to Christ fulfilling divinely priesthood. Lets contrast Aaron and Christ as we unearth Christ as a better high priest.
    1. Melchizedek a priest king/Aaron was a priest ... Jesus in both priest and king.
    2. "Aaron was priest over an earthly household; Christ is Priest over a heavenly people."
    3."What Aaron did was symbolic whereas Christ is actually able to address sin directly and permanently."
    4. Aaron had to be replaced since he was man..Jesus will never die – His priesthood is forever.oh how wonderful.
    5.As a man Aaron had certain empathies with people’s problems and weaknesses, but was ultimately in need of atonement himself. Christ not only became the qualified and ultimate atonement for sin, but because He was tested to the full beyond anything any human can endure, He actually knows our trials better than any man, Aaron included."
    Are we not thankful that Christ is High Priest?

    Lord I am thankful that you reign over my life and that you are a high priest. I praise you because you understand my weaknesses better than any other and you promise to wash away my sins.

  4. Shepherd/Lamb, Sacrifice/Priest, Servant/King, Creator/Brother, Commander/Mediator, there is no more complete example of God's character of love. There is no other perfect Lord!

  5. Iam cherished by this man Melchizedek as king of Salem,he demonstrated much more,our King is the Most High,who dwells in Heaven,sitting to the right hand side of God not for His benefits but on our behalf,pleading for His father to have mercy upon us.


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