Sunday: Recognize Your Need

Read Luke 5:27-32. How can you know which group you are in?

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Many people are physically healthy and have no need of a physician. Who, though, is truly spiritually healthy? Of all human beings there is none who does good, no, not one (Ps. 14:3, NKJV); nobody is righteous by themselves (Rom. 3:10). We may do some morally good actions, but we cannot make ourselves righteous before God. Hence, by saying that He had not come to call the righteous’ (Luke 5:32, NKJV), Jesus was referring to the Pharisees, who thought they were righteous although they were not. Unfortunately, though they believed that they were in good standing before God, they were blind spiritually (John 9:40-41).

The first step, then, to receive the cure from sin is to recognize our state of sinfulness and our utter inability to heal ourselves. But how can we see our real need if we are blind? How can we acknowledge that we are sinners if it is precisely our sins that are preventing us from recognizing our true condition?

How can our spiritual eyes be opened so that we may recognize our desperate need of a Savior? See John 16:8.

The only eye salve that can make us see our real spiritual status is the Holy Spirit. Before any other work He may do for us, He has to convict us of sin. Persistently He calls to our conscience in order to produce in us an inescapable awareness of our sins and a deep sense of guilt, which leads us to long for a Savior. When we hear that call, we must listen and obey it; otherwise, sooner or later, we will be so hardened against the Holy Spirit that nothing can be done for us. What a scary thought!

Though guilt is often a bad thing, in what ways has the Holy Spirit been able to use guilt to your own spiritual advantage?



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  1. To what end does the Holy Spirit convict of sin, and alert us to our need initially?

    It has been said that what we eat or drink, how we dress, and the day we observe for worship, among other things, have nothing to do with salvation, perhaps because by these we do not earn salvation. Could this be so?

    In checking whether we are on the path of truth it is useful to examine the implications of what we believe. If we believe ‘once saved, always saved’ it seems to follow that we have already attained or it does not matter what we do after we are saved, because we are sealed by the Sacrifice of the Lamb.

    On the other hand if we believe the converse, that we can lose salvation (backslide), then it follows we have obligations; for the Savior does not arbitrarily withdraw salvation or change the rules. Beyond claiming salvation our cooperation is necessary. There is something we need to do or avoid to maintain salvation.

    So what is required of the faithful? It is to yield our will fully to the will of the Creator (Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14). This then brings everything into play which may be determined by our will. Whether therefore we eat or drink, how we dress, the sacred day we observe, and every other thing ought to be brought into conformity to God’s will, as made clear by Scripture, and as best as we understand it being led by the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 10:31). Those invited to take up the Cross should not be led to believe otherwise.

    Whenever we take anything off the table and into our own hands we jeopardize the salvation offered. The human tendency to retain control, to be in charge, works against us, and sometimes we do not recognize our need for change and help.

    The Holy Spirit is He who alerts us to our need and works to break down this tendency and eventually seals those who can be trusted to yield, to give up, to let go and let God. He who began a good work in the faithful will see it through to completion (Philippians 1:6)

  2. Let's consider the difference between guilt and remorse. Guilt, infers that a person feels that they've violated a moral standard. However, when it stops there, the evil one has play over one's self esteem and it could lead not only depression or a sense of hopelessness. That's why remorse is what one should experience. because remorse is an emotional expression of personal regret felt by a person after they have committed an act which they deem to be shameful, hurtful, or violent. Remorse is closely allied to guilt but instead of just recognising that one's committed a sin, it leads to repentance, which is healing and leads to hope. Even in a court of law one has the option of pleading 'guilty' or 'not guilty'. One that experiences true remorse will accept responsibility and the consequences, whereas one that knows they're guilty but has no regret will try to 'get away' with the actions, may even justify them in the heart and not want to change, let alone ask for forgiveness. So yes, experience guilt, but don't let it end there. Accept responsibility, and show true remorse by first confessing to the injured party and then to the Forgiver of all sin repented of by a contrite heart and Redeemer that heals as He does so.

  3. There were two classes of people during Christ time on earth. Cornelius and the Ethiopian eunuch sincerely desired the truth. There were those Jews who were seeking for that which they had not. There religion left them void of a relationship with Christ. Which class do you belong to? It does not matter, both recognize a need for a Saviour, only found in Jesus Christ. Romans 8:34, 1John 5:20, Acts 4:12.
    Why do I need Jesus. I don't want to lose myself, or be cast away. "For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?" Luke 9:25.

  4. Yes we have a need of Jesus ,but nothing seem to happen,like paul what l want to do l donnot how can we solve this

    • well...if u read on Paul puts the answer after his rhetorical question. Rom 7:25, "I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord" who is e Heb 12:2 and all we hv 2 do is look 2 him like tht brozen serpent and jus by believing tht he'll enable us, tht he'll gv us power 2 will happen. And he'll say ur faith has made u well, u're now an overcomer. Pliz read e tuesday lesson in tht context, u'll get e answer

  5. Salvation is a free God initiated, God maintained and God delivered gift. There is nothing we can do to earn it or maintain it. Faith is our only response.... but it doesn't add anything to it otherwise it wouldn't be a free gift. The Spirit leads us to repentance... walks in us and lives in us. It is thru this power than we can grow into the full measure of children of God. This growth lifetime experience does not add an iota to the objective fact of salvation.... it is a gift. Our assurance is in Christ and what He has done not in our performance. Our Spirit, will-surrender performance is based solely on our gratefulness and love towards God and what He has done, is doing and will complete.
    We are compelled by love, not fear of punishment or seeking reward. If you behold self you will produce self... if you behold the Lamb you will become like Him.
    We need to be very careful not to confuse people. I don't believe in once saved always saved it is not biblical. But I do believe that God has made a lot easier to be saved than to be lost.... that is biblical and real good news. Where sin abounds, Grace much more abounds.

  6. In acts 7 from verse 51 Stephen calls those of the synagogue of the Freed men "heathen at heart, resisting the Holy Spirit just as your forefathers did"...this tells me indeed that it is easier to be saved that to be lost...because resisting the Holy Spirit requires effort on our part...surrendering means to STOP fighting against God...which means that God is the one taking the first initiative, not us.

  7. Its clear from the scriptures tht our love for this wworld and too much pride is a curtain between us and the holy spirrite we will perish in our sins by denying the councils of the holy spirit

  8. It is hard to feel guilty for sin until you accept God's right to define what is right or wrong. The Bible helps us understand by various analogies.
    We are lost, need to be found
    We are blind, need to see
    We are dirty, need to be clean
    We are in danger, fire, drowning, need to be rescued
    We are sick, need healing
    We are in debt, need bail out
    We are in jail, need pardon
    We are tired, need rest
    We are estranged from a loved one, need to be reconciled
    The LORD's love, care, protection, providing, healing is the answer to all our problems.
    Give up on DIY, allow the Creator to fix the problem.


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