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Sunday: The Call of Peter — 19 Comments

  1. Being in the presence of the Sinless One, Peter was conscious of his sinfulness, but not aware of the full extent at that time (Luke 5:8). When Peter with swelling self-confidence insisted he would not deny Jesus he was sincere (Mark 14:31). However he overestimated his connection to Christ and underestimated his capacity for evil (Jeremiah 17:9; Luke 22:54-62).

    The impulsive disciple thought that certain ‘big’ sins were beyond him. Sometimes people say, “I would never do” a certain thing because they have not before committed the certain sin, but they do not realize fallen humans are capable of any evil when not connected to God. It is only circumstance and opportunity which separates many from what is seen as ‘higher rank’ sins.

    When believers begin to rank sins and justify same they enter dangerous territory. There is ever the temptation to set up a graded system of sins, especially one which makes the sins of others great and one’s own sins small; for it makes people feel better about their own standing. Many will miss the kingdom of Heaven because of cherished ‘little’ sins in their human mind.

    The Pharisees felt at ease dishonoring parents, because others were guilty of supposed ‘greater’ sins, such as murder (Matthew 15:3-6). Jesus declared the folly of this when He virtually equated lust with adultery (Matthew 5:27-28) and misplaced anger with murder (Matthew 5:21-22).

    Although it might seem like the sin against one’s own body is greater than others because the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:18-20) every sin ultimately leads in that direction, as one thing leads to another. All sins tend to destroy God’s property and this is not a light thing with the Creator (Genesis 39:9).

    Eating a forbidden fruit in Eden carried the same penalty as any other sin (Genesis 2:17; Romans 6:23). As well the example of Uzzah is not to be ignored (1 Chronicles 13:10). The more we recognize our great need the more the Holy Spirit may address same (Mark 2:17).

    • "but they do not realize fallen humans are capable of any evil when not connected to God. It is only circumstance and opportunity which separates many from what is seen as ‘higher rank’ sins."

      PERFECT! We can never assume we would never fall... the devil is contantly around us, tempting us. It is only by God's power that we can prevail against sin, not by any power or merit or intellect of our own. That is why we must always be in prayer and communion with God!

  2. It seems that Peter missed something. After using Peter's fishing boat as a speaking platform, Jesus expresses His gratitude. Jesus took nothing for granted of course, and He certainly didn't take the use of Peter's boat for granted. He wanted to show His appreciation, and to encourage His prospective helpers.

    "Now when He had left [off] speaking, He said to Simon [Peter], 'Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught." (Luke 5:4)

    Peter goes out in his boat, and he lets down the net. (Lk 5:5.) The net begins to break, and Peter suddenly feels obliged to call James and John, with the other boat, to his aid. (DA p.246) Both boats are soon filled to their absolute maximum capacities, and both vessels would have sunk if their loads had been any greater.

    Peter had gone out with his boat and his net, but Jesus' words had included something that Peter did not heed, or had missed. Jesus had said to him, "Let down your nets [plural]..." but Peter seems to have gone out with a net (singular). Jesus would have had him involve his "partners [James and John], which were in the other ship". (Lk 5:7)

    The "recompense" and the encouragement was not intended for Peter only, but for the others as well. Had Peter taken heed to what might have appeared to him as a "jot" or "tittle", he would have saved himself a stressful situation... and oh how close he came to losing the blessing that Jesus intended that he [and his companions] should receive.

  3. I think we tend to romanticize Luke 5:11 "They forsook all and followed Him". This was not such a sacrificial step for Peter. This was considered by a him a step upward--a promotion. I mean, who needs fishing boats and nets when this Rabi knows how to catch fish on command?

    It was a step in the right direction for Peter, but it was a feeble, first step. Peter "forsook all" because he was thinking of gaining more.

    • Ray, good thought. I'm wondering now about the fish that Peter and the others caught. Yes, forsake their fishing boats and their nets, but they would not forsake or abandon the physical blessing they had been granted that day.

      It is difficult to know what their "normal" catch was. But I think we can be sure that their catch that day was unprecedented. It may have amounted to a month's normal catch; it may have amounted to six month's, or a year's, worth of fish. But if Peter, James, and John had been "commercial fishermen" then of course much of the catch would have been sold. The men would have thereby gained a fund to cover immediate [and longer term] commitments to their families.

    • I was thinking this for a different reason. It seems to me that some of the gospel accounts are a little different. Luke describes James and John as partners w/Peter (Luke 5:10). Mark says that that James and John left their father and servants in the boat to follow Jesus (Mark 1:20). So if both books describe the same event, then all those fish were not exactly left to squander in the nets. Could this be one way Jesus shows that He can provide for those who would 'forsake all' wordly persuits and follow Him? This may have provided for their families in a considerable way too.

  4. Preparing for this lesson, I came across the term, translated "to catch" (zoogrein) in Luke 5:10), where Peter is commissioned to catch men. In the New Testament this word occures only two times (Luke 5:10 and 2 Timothy 2:26). This word basically means, to catch alive and cause to remain alive in order to fulfil a certain purpose. In this sense this term is used in both passages. In the former case the disciples are to catch men for the kingdom of God in order for those to carry out the will of God (Matthew 6:10). In the latter case the enemy is catching men for his kingdom in order for them to carry out his will (2 Peter 2:26 cf. Luke 4:5-7). The enemy is trying to catch his victims with destructive heresies ensnaring them with a false freedom leading them ino a sinful life where they get stuck (2 Peter 2:19). Christ, on the other hand, has come to save his people from sin so ultemate salvation (Matthew 1:21).

    There is a catching of men going on into two different and opposite directions and kingdoms, which calls for a decision. On one side there is Christ and his kingdom of God (John 18:36-37). On the other hand there is the enemy with his kingdom that he is ruling as a god and ruler of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4; John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11). While the gospel and Christ`s teaching is the instrument of catching men into the kingdom of God (Mark 1:14-15; Matthew 7:28-29), the instrument of the enemy (in the context of 2 Peter 2:26) also is false teaching, such as spiritualizing away the resurrection of Christ (2 Timothy 2:17-18) and in the writings of Paul some are spiritualizing away the second coming of Christ (2 Thessalonians 2:1-2), which shows the destrucctive activity of the enemy.

    The study of this word, translated "to catch"; underscores the all over theme of the Great Controversy being discussed in this quarter. I just want so share my observations.

    Winfried Stolpmann

  5. [Moderator's Note: Please remember to include your surname in the name box as well. Filled in from history as a courtesy]
    They forsook all and followed him, they did not wait for tomorrow or took care of their business or worry how they were going to provided for their families. They followed him! I am a follower of Christ? Have I forsaken all? Do I trusth that he will supply all my needs if I complete dedicate my life to his service? If no, what it is stopping me from doing so?These questions came to my heart and I am not capable of answering them. May the Lord help me to surrender all today. Amen!

  6. Like Peter, we too have been called by God. Are we willing to leave all and follow Him or do we have too much STUFF? Too much stuff can block the path of the Master to reach us, when we become so attached to "things" that our lives are breaking under the burden. Is is worth holding on to the big houses, cars, large bank accounts, power and fame of this world over the kingdom of God? Of course not! In Matt. (19:29)Jesus has promised all who give up things that are precious to them in this life - whether houses, brother, sister, father, mother, wife or children, one hundred percent as much as they gave up, plus the BIG bonus of eternal life. What better bargain is there or can match this offer? My prayer is, Lord please help me to detach my heart from the encumbering stuff of this life that I may be able to "forsake all", take up the cross and follow Jesus. Please join me in this prayer!

  7. It would seem that Peter understood his spiritual condition. It would do all of us a lot of good if we thought of ourselves first as a people who do not deserve the life God's grace provides and then to conclude that God's plan of Redemption includes His working in us to do the most wonderful works of goodness and mercy. Edifying one another in the fear of God, giving glory to Him for He works in us to will and to do according to His good pleasure.

  8. Peter knew that Jesus had healed the sick and driven out deamons,but he was amazed that Jesus cared about his day to day routine and understood his needs.God is intrested not only in saving us,but also in healping us in our daily activities..

  9. If you are to ask Simon Peter he will tell you to take Jesus at His word. When Jesus gave an instruction to Peter and the other fishermen to lower their nets, Simon answered, 'Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.' (Luke 5:5).Peter in this case is more like saying, Jesus we have done everything we could but because you have said so we are going to let our nets deeper. Listening and acting on His word is the best choice you can make for your life. After Peter and the other fishermen let their nets down, they caught many fish to an extend that their nets began to break. Just imagine that now they were letting their nets deeper during the time when it is less likely to catch fish but because Jesus said so, they caught a lot of fish. Remember Peter was a fisherman by profession, he could have said ‘but Jesus now is not the ideal time to catch fish’. He took Jesus at his word, he never used his reasoning power or his experience.
    After they caught a lot of fish ‘they also signalled their other partners on the other side to come and help them’ (Luke 5:7).Though the Bible never stated what they told their partners, but I am sure they could not keep quiet about this. They told them about the miracle and glorified God. What I am saying is that, when God has blessed you, do not forget those partners you were with before. Abraham was blessed to be a blessing and that applies to you as well. We need to show others how God Has blessed us and encourage them to obey Him at all times. Tell them about God’s provision and encourage them to give their life to Jesus Christ and obey Him. Our God is a God of more than enough, a God of abundance, God El-Shaddai. He gives life MORE abundantly (John 10:10).The fish they got were so many because they acted on the word that was spoken by Jesus.

  10. What happens to us when God has given us those things that we really needed in our lives (fish)? Are we drawing near to Christ like Peter who fell down at Jesus’ feet as a sign of worship? Peter though they caught many fish, yes he was amazed but that did not make him go away from the presence of God. In this walk with the Lord never make a mistake to leave His presence just because now you have so much. You are blessed to be a blessing. Introduce other people to your source, your provider and your God. Never let the tangible things destruct you from fulfilling God’s will on this earth. His heart’s desire is that ALL should come to repentance so let us ‘signal to our partners ‘so that they can also come and partake in this.

  11. this guy called peter is very sensational. being a fisherman after a big catch on Jesus's command he said yaaa this is my best comrade what happened with his big catch i don't know but one thing is for sure Jesus was the way for him for both his physical and spiritual needs.

  12. When we meet/face whether directly or indirectly the glory of the Most High, we normally feel inferior physically because the mortal fresh has no any ability but we get healed spiritually that why Mr Peter did not wish to stay nearby the presence of Jesus. We are supposed to confess and repent our inner voice which normally tells us that were against the Creator.

  13. I like it when Jesus says ‘Put out into the deep water, and let down the nets for a catch’. We need to go deeper in our knowledge of the Word, in our patience with other people as we witness to them. I do believe that it has to start with us. The deeper we get, the most likely we will bring more souls to the Kingdom. We should not give up. Let us do it as the Spirit leadeth.

  14. Today’s lesson is saying, ‘Jesus noticed two fishing boats whose owners were cleaning up after an unproductive night.’ I was just meditating on that statement and I have learnt that if we do not engage Jesus in everything that we do, we end up toiling and we will catch nothing. However, whatever that we do if we do as the Word says, i.e taking the instruction from Jesus the WORD, like what Peter did we will have an abundance. Let us not engage God when we have tried everything else and failed. God is not our last hope but He is our only hope.

  15. Today’s lesson clearly mentions that these ‘fishermen were already aware of Jesus. ‘As I was reading that statement alone it came in my spirit that yes you might have the knowledge of who Jesus is from before but they should never come a time that you really feel I think I have known so much of Him that I see no need to meet with others or to study the Word. Even though these fishermen knew about Jesus but guess what when He asked for a boat so that He could teach the Word, they sat and listened to Him. Let’s remember that these people had toiled and caught no fish but still even though they were tired still they sat down to hear what Jesus was teaching. Let’s look at ourselves today, are we able to give ourselves time to listen to the Word of God. Let us not allow our busy schedules to shut Jesus out of our daily lives. Let us still have that ear that is keen to hear what He is saying on a daily basis.


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