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  1. Quoted from the lesson: “Half their problem was that they, having their own views of what they thought would and should happen, didn’t listen to what Jesus said would happen.”

    To many acclaimed intellectuals the word of God is a collection of fairy tales used by the weak-minded and brain-washed to quiet their fears and/or fill a void of ignorance. They might pity or ridicule the firm believer who is determined to follow the Bible (1 Corinthians 1:18-21, 25).

    As well most recognized Bible scholars are not of the remnant fold as identified in scripture (Revelation 12:17). Among them are those who view portions of the Bible as myth or irrelevant, because the passages do not harmonize with their logic or level of human reasoning. They have inserted their own ideas, which make sense to them (Revelation 14:8).

    Those who truly believe in divine inspiration of scripture and identify with God’s remnant ought to be guarded against subscribing to human philosophy above the Bible, so as to fit in and gain the honor and admiration of the world (John 12:43). These need to listen closely to Jesus.

    It is not the self-assured brilliant minds who are drawing people to Christ, but the submissive, who though still defective are used by the Holy Spirit to share the Lord’s uplifting words of life, which burn hearts (Jeremiah 20:9).

    There is a certain glory to be obtained from appearing intelligent, but Paul counted it as rubbish (Philippians 3:8). Like the Apostle the faithful seek to give God all glory, understanding that they may look foolish or ignorant in the eyes of intellectual stars, but it is okay (1 Corinthians 2:12-16).

    Human philosophy may tickle the ear (2 Timothy 4:3-4), but truth creates a burning in the heart as it did with the Sermon on the Mount and on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:32). Those who take the Bible as it reads are soon burned within and then transformed by it (John 17:17).

  2. Listening is one of those powerful language skills given that language is basically speech/spoken. If we wish to be effective messengers, then , we we have to learn the listening skill because it is the only the message is transferred from the source through carrier to the receiver unaltered, unadulterated.

    Another is that the messenger should steer clear of distractions. If there is anything internal or foreign that interferes during the process of listening, then, the message suffers distortion. That's for sure. As christians we have to be xtra careful in regard to issues being raised here( lesson).

  3. [Moderator's note: Please use full name as it helps readers to know who is writing especially when there is more than one writer with the same given name]

    The disciples were not different then us, they walked with Jesus but did not take heed to his counsel. We have their testimonies, but we do not take heed to the counsel given to us. Dear Father have mercy on us, and renew our hearts that we may enter into the promise land and worship you for all eternity!

  4. The problem with us is that we set our own standards and tend to leave God out of the picture. As such we close our ears to listening to what God has for us. We should learn to listen to God carefully and by doing so we will not be caught by surprise. We are currently living in the threshold of Christ's second advent. We need to having listened carefully to God's word by now so that we are not caught by surprise by the turn of events.

  5. In our sojourn on earth we are bound to encounter challenges and in times like these the devil heightens these so that we may be discouraged and without hope. Jesus always draws near to us and warms us to lighten the burden we may carry. His presence makes our hearts aglow with joy, warmth and love. The biting chill of discouragement is suddenly removed from our hearts. We light up just as the two disciples of Jesus felt on that memorable day. Of course the burning heart experience is more than just an emotional experience. Its a spiritual experience that makes us yearn and hunger for more of our Master and His Word. Our will becomes inflamed with the desire to serve His will and purpose more fervently. The two disciples experienced that day the reality of God's presence in a tangible, meaningul and personal way. This can also be our experience. We can have our hearts burning within us as we diligently study the Word of God, pray earnestly and meditating upon His Word.

  6. The disciples were terrified as they saw Jesus permit Himself to be taken and bound. They were offended that He should suffer this humiliation to Himself and them. They could not understand His conduct, and they blamed Him for submitting to the mob. In their indignation and fear, Peter proposed that they save themselves. Following this suggestion, “they all forsook Him, and fled.” 60 CSA 34.6

    This shows how the disciples not aware of the great controvers ,we as disciples of christ we must take our stand when facing difficults i our daily life.
    We are in a battle field ,we need to understand who we are before it is too late

    • The Great Commission is the instruction of the resurrected Jesus Christ to His disciples that they spread His teachings to ALL the nations of the world. As we are doing this the response will never be the same. Some will surely receive the Word of God and repent and others will resist but guess what, the verse in Matthew 28:16-20 ends be saying ‘And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. “Amen. God Emmanuel, God with us is with us, we are not going with our own word but with His life changing Word and the Holy Spirit is within us, we are not alone.

  7. The greatest battle ever fought was not at Omaha Beach on DDay, Falusia in Iraq or Antietam in the Civil War. It is the battle that rages in the human heart. Who will reign supreme? Christ or Satan? Which will conquer? Pride or submission? That battle is fought today in our hearts, and it was fought in the heart of Nebuchadnezzar 26 centuries ago. That’s why the Bible is such a relevant Book: i t gives insights into those things that have to do with the great issues that affect every human being, whether they live now or long ago.

  8. As believers in Jesus christ we ought to at all times invite the Holy spirit to lead us in all matters of God,otherwise the devil might take advantage and provide us with wrong personal interpretations of the word of God.

  9. In heaven, Christ veiled His physical glory, and dwelt among the angels as the Archangel Michael. In this form He was approachable to the angels. He was their comrade... He lived and worked among them, but He did not take on an angelic nature. (Heb 2:16)

    In becoming our Comrade, our Brother in arms, Christ humbled Himself tremendously more [than He did in heaven]. He seeks to involve us in His work. He gives us work and responsibilities in God's service, even when He knows that some of us will abuse the privileges He gives to us. And yet, none of His grace and mercy is begrudgingly given.

  10. Jesus came in human being so that we learn from Him ,now if we are not spend time to study the bible will not know Him ,as believer let us pray so that we are understand His word,

  11. Clarification, if you please? I know Jesus as the most peaceable being that ever lived. The only time he ever raised a finger against anyone was when he got angry with the money changers in the temple and he was only armed with a "home-made" whip. So when the title reads: "Comrades In Arms", I'm wondering how's that?

    • In simpler terms that tittle can be interpreted as fellow soldiers in the army of Christ or fellow soldiers in things to do with God because we are in a spiritual battle.

  12. ‘A comrade-in-arms is someone who has worked for the same cause or purpose as you and has shared the same difficulties and dangers. ‘Yes Jesus was with His disciples for the same cause, though the disciples did not go the extent of laying their lives for us but only Jesus Christ did that.We thank God the Father for letting His begotten Son die a shameful death to redeem us from the wrath of sin.As followers of Christ let us desire to be Christ-like everyday and even though the world can mock or insult us but let us never be ashamed of the GOSPEL,the GOOD NEWS.These days just switch on the TV and most of the things you hear there its BAD NEWS but as disciples of Jesus Christ who have the GOOD NEWS let us brighten people's days and lives with such wonderful news.Amen

  13. Since our character flaws give Satan inroads into us. It is imperative that by the grace given us by Christ we confess and turn away from these flaws as the Spirit reveals them to us. For me I have to accept that my widowhood is
    Gods ordained place for me. That though the dearest person on earth to me is no longer here. God has other roles for me to play in his kingdom. I must go on, asking God to lead me, guide me in the new work he has for me to do.

  14. Satan tried to tempt Jesus but he did not succeed. He tried to show Jesus all the belongings on the earth but that was in vain. today Satan has been tempting us through money and other worldly belongings, we should be firm as Jesus did, we should pray to God to help us overcome the temptations.amen

  15. Do you separate your work from your religious practice? Some people think they are separate spheres of life. When I was in college, I briefly worked in a trailer factory during the summer. My work crew harassed me about being a "college boy" and about my religious beliefs. At the end of the summer, the leader of the crew came to me and apologized for the harassment. He said he was a "Sunday school teacher" and what he had been saying to me was inconsistent with his role in church. The Bible teaches us that we should integrate our work and our faith. Let's plunge into our study of the Bible to see how we can be "comrades in arms" even in the workplace!

  16. In reply to Coker M. Muyunda's earlier question.

    The Bible teaches that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. Christians are to have "weapons", but these are not physical weapons.(2Cor 10:3-4.) Ultimately, God would have us overcome evil with good. We are to be "brothers in arms" with Jesus... Just as the sword of the spirit proceeded from Jesus mouth, and cut people to the heart, so it can also be with us. (Rev 19:15, Acts 5:33, Acts 7:54.) The sword of the Spirit can proceed from our mouths too!

    It is interesting, I think, that in the old Sanctuary service, the words, "to perform the service" also mean "to war the warfare". (See margin refs for Num 4:23, Num 8:24, etc.) The priests and the Levites were exempted from PHYSICAL warfare, but they were meant to be very involved in the "the good fight" - the good fight of faith.

  17. thanks all for your discussion. What I would like to say is to be comrades of God, day by day doing things that subject Jesus as our Saviour .

  18. ‘Comrades in arms’ – ‘The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds’ (2 Corinthians 10:4).The weapon we do have is the Word of God.’ For the word of God is living, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.’ (Hebrews 4:12).Read (Matthew 26:51-52) that clearly shows that the physical sword is not the solution to whatever we are facing. The weapon we have has life in it, it is living and can never be compared to anything. It can penetrate anyway and is able to transform our lives. Hence, this is not a physical battle but a spiritual one and all we need is the FULL ARMOUR of God (Ephesians 6:10-18).

  19. Thank you all for your contributions in response to my question.... I took the title literally but I'm wiser now than before I asked. Let's soldier on then, with Christ Jesus as our Commander-in-Chief! We have the most powerful weapon in the WORD.


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