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  1. I'm not yet done reading the whole context but when I read the verse in Hebrew 13:5 remain me so much when there is time I'm have many pain. Really God will not depart from us even we are not worthy...I learn that in our worthiness we don't let ourself to depart from him we just more keep closer to him and continue to pray and ask guidance...

  2. Some time I ignore for the power of God. Why he let me be like that I want some one who can help me in the problems I have till now none can help me every one they answers is to pray but now I lose my hope


  3. Satan closes our eyes when we have troubles so that we can be blinded to the fact that God loves us. Prayer and daily Bible Study will keep our spiritual eyes open and we shall see and feel God's presence always.

  4. Why is it that whenever you attempt to move closer to God, the more it look like He is testing your LOVE for him? It's the more your ground is shaken?. Why the more you intend to work for Him the more He make you like an empty sheep in a storm Ocean. Or like a crashing Aeroplane on a rainy-windy ?WHO IS THE POWER BEHIND OR ARE WE JUST COLLATERAL DAMAGE

    • Raphael It is because you are moving closer to God, and Satan throws all he has at you, this is a test of self discipline, and your love for Christ. It happens to us all, and that is what this lesson is about we must love to be loved and remove all hatred from our lives. The Holy Spirit draws closer at this time, God is love and Jesus said He will be with you even unto the end of the world (Matt 28:20). Stay strong my friend Jesus is the POWER.

    • Brother Raphael,

      Oh, I surely understand how you are feeling! Many times I have said,"Why did You allow this, Lord? Why does everyone else seem blessed, while I am feeling cursed?" It was heartbreaking to me.
      Brother, I am able to promise you that JESUS, Himself, is walking with You. Like Mary and the Disciples on the road to Emmaus, our fear and our grief blind us for awhile.
      Remember the story of Job. The Accuser is discouraging you. Just like Job, talk it out with the Lord. Tell Him everything You are feeling. Be honest with Him - He wants an honest relationship. Do not be surprised if you hear: "Where were You when I made the worlds?"
      Then, like Job, you will fully know how much wiser and greater are the ways of God than our own. Job said, at last, "I had heard about You with my ears, but now I have seen You with my eyes." I believe Job was speaking of his spiritual eyesight, not physical. The LORD has a wonderful, great spiritual awakening in store for you, brother. I am fully convinced of this! Because, you see, it happened to me, as well. I know that my faith would be much weaker if I had not had that Job experience. Pour out your worried heart to Him and believe He WILL hear and answer. Hold on in faith! The wind and the waves will obey Him. You are never, ever forgotten! May His Spirit bring You courage and peace to accompany you during this storm. Have faith when you cannot yet see. Your eyes will soon be opened! God will be glorified.

  5. what can i say am deeply touched to know am never alone though dark the path may be my Savior has said he will never fail me or leave me ,praise be to GOD am not hopeless but have hope in Jesus Christ ,for where there is life ,there is hope

  6. "You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you: because he trusts in you." Isaiah 26:3

    What do we trust in? His "exceeding great and precious promises".
    The evidences of His care that meets our needs each day.
    The Truth that sanctifies our soul.
    Even the trials that strengthen faith, which leads to hope.

    We have the great promise of an eternal rest and peace that will never fade away, and this life is only to develop the faith to receive it. It cannot be taken away, though we can choose for forfeit this wonderful future if the love of this world is allowed to entice us to sin.

    We can know the presence of God because He has promised it, and the peace which results proves it. This is not like the peace of the world which is dependent on circumstances, but a peace that passes the common understanding of the world regardless of our circumstances.

    Witness the sleeping Jesus during a storm on a sinking boat. That's the same peace He gives us, even when the storms threaten our earthly supports.

  7. This is the best story I've got to read this week. It reveals the very truth I have just experienced. Christ was there for me and I was not aware. How happy I am to have realized it today. Thank you for sharing. It makes me smile and laugh and sing a song of gratitude!


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