05: Love and the Law – Thought Starters

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[Thought questions for Love and the Law October 28, 2014]

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Love without Liking. Your lesson this week asks you to love even those you don’t like. Wait a minute! Is that possible? What about the marriage that goes bad? Is the wife obliged to love the husband she can’t stand any more? What if he uses his physical strength to impress on her that he’s the boss she must obey? Then think of men who have […]

11: The Christian Life – Thought Starters


[Thought questions for The Christian Life December 12, 2012] 

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1. The Christian. What is a Christian? By that definition, are you a Christian? Are you saved by your faith as a Christian? or by your works? What did the apostle James think about faith compared to works in the Christian life? Was he a legalist? Why or why not? Read a few verses in 1 Timothy 1. When Paul says the law is not made […]

07: Living Holy Lives – Thought Starters

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Introduction: Do you know anyone who seems to have lived a holy life? What was that person like? When you saw that person, did you wish more than anything that you could be holy like him or her? To be honest, how many of us live perfect, holy lives every wakeful minute? What are the consequences of living less than a life of holiness? Does that frighten you? Should it? Why or why not?

[Thought Questions for Living Holy […]