Leaders and Coaches and Mentors – Oh My!

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I have a set of dishes that I brought back from Germany with me that I only use on very special occasions. The dishes were pretty expensive and, I think, beautiful, but I use them maybe three times a year. Most of the time they sit in a cabinet and collect dust. When I do bring them out, I worry about breaking a piece. Now, the dishes my family uses everyday aren’t nearly as pretty or expensive, but they can […]

08: The Dead in Christ – Thought Starters

Green Question Marks

The death of infants and children seems terrible because the precious ones are gone without having lived a life for Jesus. And, of course, the death of parents and hard-working adults who are giving family members a livelihood and taking care of others are heroes we don’t want to lose.

Image copyright Bjorn Thorkelson, GoodSalt.com

But as we age, the death of adults who are approaching the category of “aged” is painful because we long to be close to those […]