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  1. Lovely story, thank you, I was in trouble with people (church).
    I will shut my mouth and be happy and forgive. I do study the Bible and not just read and I'm 79. Regards, God bless you xxx.

  2. Great story its amazing how when you study God's words and practice them everyday everything falls into place like a puzzle only the answers are there already....thank you.

  3. Esteeming leaders inspite of frailties

    Epaphroditus, fellow labourer and fellow soldier of Paul in Christ, is such a leader. Having brought the gospel to the Colossians and probably foundig the church there (Colossians 1:7), his home church at Philippi sent him to minister to Paul`s needs in Prison. Struck down by sickness, even unto death, he also suffered from homesickness as he longed to see the believers at Philippi. After God had healed him in His mercy, Paul sent Epaphroditus speedily on his way home, admonishing the church to receive him with joy and keep such in high esteem. The apostle testifies that Epaphroditus has risked his life in his service for Christ. (Philippians 2:25-30)

    Leaders are no superhuman beings, far above human frailties. They are in need of encouragement when clouds are gathering blackness, winds of strife are blowing and thunder and storm are raging. They need to know: The church stands behind them, carrying them through on wings of prayer darting upwards, anchoring at he throne of grace, receiving help in time of need. (Hebrews 4:16; 6:19-20)

    Winfried Stolpmann

  4. I really appreciate you bringing this out:
    Paul didn’t say we were exempt from “esteem[ing] them very highly in love” only if we thought they were doing a good job, if we agree with them, or if we liked them as individuals. He said “for their work’s sake”—just because they are our leaders.

    What do you think that means? Well, I think it certainly means that we pray for our leaders, but I also think it means that we don’t complain about them to each other.
    Thanks for a great post!

    • Very wise! If we can respect our leaders just because they are our leaders and not complain about them to each other AND pray for them, imagine how much more smoothly things would go.
      Thank you for reading.

      • Complaining about others to each others is never a good or right thing

        Yes, we are to respect our leaders, and things go more smoothly when we do. Things go even more smoothly when we do everything our leaders ask us to do, without stopping to examine the reasons. That's what makes dictatorships the most efficient governments.

        Is that what God wants of us--to follow our leaders without question? Or should we study for ourselves whether the things they ask us to do are in line with Scripture and the Holy Spirit's leading?

        Could there be times when God wants us to stand up against a course of action recommended by leadership?

  5. I was truly blessed by this, my first time reading this post. It resounds well with me and I smiled at every line. Especially appreciate the last part about singing and praising God in difficult moments. God bless you Lil.


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