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  1. I am glad to belong to Adventist Church.
    Meanwhile we need to work hard in order to make others understand why we are glad to be Adventists.
    Now concerning the lesson entitled the Dead in Christ. I have just three key words to say:
    (a) We are to make sure that we ''remain'' 1 Thess 4:16-18 this word is the key in this lesson, it points to the remnants of Rev. 12:17. It means for us qualify for the kingdom of God, we must continue in Chrsit's teachings.
    (b)Comfort: Paul wrote having in mind comfort for all Christians.
    (c)Manner of Christ's coming and its accompanying events:
    i. It will be personal, audible and catastrophic.
    ii. Concerning the resulting event, dead in Christ will rise first. Not second not risen already, they shall on the second coming of our Lord Jesus. The remnants shall become changed and will meet those whose first and had been waiting for them in air together with their Lord.

  2. We can maintain our hope because of the promise in John 14:1-3.
    I look forward to His return and assure us all to hold on.

  3. I love this passage! It has been one that I share with people of all faiths to show the hope we have as Christians, the hope of the resurrection.

  4. I used to flinch from the thought of death recently but after studying the Bible on the subject and re-committing my life to Jesus. I am confident that even if I meet death now, it does not matter as long as my redeemer lives! Am more than confident that by His grace and Holy Spirit, I will live again even in His glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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