Inside Story: God’s Patient Pursuit, Part 1

gis07 (1)

I grew up in a non-Christian family in India. I attended a Christian boarding school and lived a highly regimented life. So I wasn’t ready for the freedom I found when I moved to Australia at age 16 to study.

Many of the young people at school smoked and drank. I wasn’t interested in these things and avoided the young people who were involved in these activities. I attended church for my first year in Australia, but then I quit. I […]

Inside Story: The Noisy Neighbor

 by Bobby Wagh

Raju heard the singing coming from the neighbor’s house and turned his music up as loud as possible. Sometimes he could still hear the singing, and he shouted abuses at the little group of Adventist believers who worshipped next door.[1. Love Thy Neighbor Pacific Press from]

Other neighbors avoided confronting Raju about his actions. They left the troublesome neighbor to the Adventists to handle. The believers visited Raju and offered to pray for him and his family. But their […]